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I'm not sure about this last sentence. It isn't clear to me whether you are talking about Kelly or Lisa. I am assuming Kelly, for she is whom is being talked about in the previous sentences. But from the content of the paragraph, I am not certain. Perhaps you can make this clearer for me? This last sentence does not read smoothly either.

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Hopefully it's clearer to you now. Thanks for the heads up

Jim Miller Jim Miller
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So (how) have you been Lisa (?)

Jim Miller Jim Miller
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"...vulnerable and naïve and (that) Scott took advantage..." What do you think?

Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29

"What do you think (?)"

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Wow! I can't believe how many errors I missed. I must be tired or something.

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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again... (Chapter Five)

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Lisa had been haunted all evening and into the following day thinking about Kelly and what had really happened between her and Scott. She was bothered that Kelly was even more beautiful than before. Her beauty was intensified by her calm, confident nature and easy smile. Her face and body had matured and there was a new wisdom about her. Lisa's own child had now been captivated by Kelly as well. 2 comments

As much as Lisa wanted to be angry with her and stay clear of her, she had sensed that she could trust Kelly. It was Scott that could unnerve her even in his weakened state. At this point in his life, he needed her more than she needed him and she liked it that way. If he allowed himself to dream about Kelly again, he might push himself harder; become more confident and strong and in so doing, he might push Lisa away.

Lisa missed her visits with Laura and Wayne. Discussions were always so easy with Laura and they had reached out to her when Scott had his accident. She wanted to show off her little boy, Chance.  They hadn’t yet met her little prince and she was so proud of him.

Chance was Lisa’s little golden star. Her proof of accomplishment and capability as a parent and provider. He is the best part of her life. Chance had single-handedly brought husband and wife back to a new beginning; a second Chance at love and happiness.

Lisa knew that her family wasn’t perfect; far from it, but it was all she had and she would do everything to protect it. She also knew that to have a successful and healthy marriage, she would have to put faith in her husband and trust that he would prove that he could be the faithful loving husband and father she wanted him to be.

She decided to throw caution to the wind and give Laura a call. She dialed the number and waited with nervous anticipation.


“Oh hello. Is that you Laura? It’s Lisa Dunn”

“Oh Lisa, Hi. We were just talking about you guys last night. How have you been? We have so much to catch up on. My goodness. (pause)  it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” Laura was feeling so awkward and wasn’t quite sure what to say.

Lisa let her shoulders relax a little. At least Laura was receptive to her call. That was a good place to start.

“So Kelly told you that we had met at the drugstore then?” asked Lisa

Laura chuckled, “Oh yes. She told us about her meeting with your little boy. He sounds like quite the charmer! He already has Kelly wrapped around his little finger. So have you been Lisa? You have a lot on your plate with everything that has happened.” 2 comments

“Things are slowly getting to be normal again. Chance has been so good for Scott. He gave Scott a reason to get up every morning and do his rehab work. He’s a great father. The sun rises and sets on our little boy. He’s been an incredible blessing in our lives.” Lisa beamed with pride.

It was just so good to re-connect woman to woman. She hadn’t realized how much of herself she had let go of. Lisa’s identity had shifted from strong independent woman to strong independent mother and wife and she hadn’t even realized it until this very moment. She felt revitalized and motivated to do more for herself.

“How has Wayne been Laura? I know that it must have been difficult for him too?" She was careful with her wording. She did not want to imply anything and she knew that perhaps she was digging up weeds that were better left alone but she had to know what she was in for.

“Hmm. It has been difficult for Wayne. I’m honestly not sure how he will react to seeing Scott again. There are a lot of old wounds there if you know what I mean? Wayne doesn’t talk too much about what happened. He had thought of Scott like a little brother. He lost a best friend and co-worker with all the events that unfolded. Of course, you know that already and we both feel very strongly that Kelly was very vulnerable and naïve and that Scott took advantage of the situation and of our trust and yours. His letter was his only saving grace in everything that happened and it may be where we have to start. Wayne will have to decide if, when and how to broach the subject with Scott. If there is to be a new beginning for Wayne and Scott, the past must be discussed. You are aware of that aren’t you Lisa? Are you strong enough to try?” Laura was surprised by her own “matter of fact” approach. 2 comments

Lisa listened carefully as tears streamed down her face. All of her past fears came bubbling to the surface. “Yes I know Laura. I will have to be strong enough. I can’t have this hanging over us any longer. I value our friendship too much. I have missed our time together and I want you to meet our little boy and see how much we have grown as a family. It will take time, but I know that Wayne and Scott can be good friends again. I just know it!”

“Okay. Good. I will talk to Wayne about getting together. Maybe we could meet casually for coffee perhaps? We’ll see how it goes from there. What do you think?” Laura suggested 2 comments

“Thank you Laura. I think that would be a great start. I’ll call you again next week and we can chat again then?” asked Lisa

“Sure. Until next week then. Talk to you soon” Laura exhaled with such relief.

“Bye then.” Lisa hung the phone.

She had finally done what she been waiting so long for. It had been Kelly that started this ball rolling. Kelly was connected to everything but Laura was right, Kelly was too young to understand her actions. Lisa had known all along that Scott had been to blame but she had never wanted to believe it but she was stronger now. She was in control. Lisa knew that everyone would be on high alert around Scott and she wouldn’t have to worry so much. She also knew that Scott missed Wayne’s company and leadership and that he would do everything he could to regain his friend’s trust again.

Lisa opened the bedroom door to Chance’s room where she found Scott reading a bedtime story to Chance. She smiled at Scott as he looked towards the door and brought his finger to his lips, “Shh, he’s sleeping” and he turned and bent to place a kiss on Chance’s forehead and walked towards her and turned off the light and shut the door behind them.

“Who were you talking to?” asked Scott

“Laura Clarke” she smiled at Scott’s nervous reaction.


Scott was surprised to find that Lisa had already re-connected with Laura since the surprise meeting of Kelly at the drug store yesterday. He had been thinking of the encounter ever since. Scott felt alive again for the first time. Chance had been is sole purpose in life these past two years.  He worked hard at being the best dad he could be. He had given up on himself having any real personal success in any other capacity. His injuries had left him battered and beaten and he felt half the man he had been before but Kelly had awakened the desire for self-improvement.

He decided that now was the time to re-start a new exercise routine to improve his strength, build and endurance and take his life back. He wanted to get back into the world again. Kelly had always inspired action in him.

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