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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Deborah Bird

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soul mates

This poem was written specifically for Deborah Boydston in her time of need in the hopes it might raise her spirits.

The Deborah Bird

She was such a lively happy soul,
As she whistled in the tree.
The Deborah Bird who sang each day,
As though she sang for me.

She greeted me with merry tune,
Bringing blessings in the mourn.
When I sat to greet the rising sun,
How blessed was each and every dawn.

It happened then upon one day,
When the Deborah Bird did sing.
A different tune than she before,
To my waiting ears did bring.

A mournful tune to tear the eyes,
And to make the heart to pound.
It carried with it sadness,
Where in tears my soul did drown.

I wondered what had changed her tune,
As she whistled in her nest.
What dreadful thing had befallen she,
I could have only guessed.

In time she seemed to leave the tree,
More often than she came.
Until at last she left for good,
And nothing was the same.

I still sat every morning,
In my spot under the shade.
Watching carefully and prayerfully,
The nest Deborah had made.

But just when I had given up,
Ever hearing her song again.
She suddenly appeared one day,
And brought with her a handsome Wren.

The two of them did sit there,
Upon the nest that formed a crown.
And sang together the sweetest song,
With the birds of heaven looking down.

Each year for another fifteen more,
This pair of birds did ear delight.
As in the tree they tweeted,
From morning until night.

Now they tweet their tune no more,
As I in Earth do rest.
Though in Heaven I am certain,
That they sing their song the best.

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