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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star- Chapter Twenty-One

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      During the discourse between A'th'n and F'lisa, Akromas motioned Paldor off to one

side. The matter to be discussed was of the utmost importance.

       Akromas started speaking, "Originally, the council was not pleased. You were not

supposed to have intervened this time, as you have many times before. The sequence of

events leading to this moment of time had been given to another for completion."

       Paldor replied, "It turned out to be necessary. Monochro was late. He had not

arrived until I saw him standing on the dock as the "VIRAGO" was departing."

       "Yes," Akromas answered, "the council became aware of this fact when he arrived

and stated that fact. He said he had been detained. The council is looking into it. At

present, it seems like he was just cavalier regarding his first intervention."

       "Then I am cleared of all disruption charges? It does seem the chronology of

events is progressing as pre-determined and designed."

       "As for the disruption, intervention you are being allowed to proceed as it was

necessary to monitor and aid all these events. However, there is the matter of you

revealing your face in that hostel which may be disciplined later. You know there is a

reason why we go amongst this planet's populace in full disguise."

       Paldor replied, "If this is my only offense, minor at that, I will accept the

council's ruling. Am I allowed to complete this event?"

       "Except for that unmasking, the council is saying that your assessment,

implementation is as usual, flawless and beneficial. You have the council's blessing

to conclude this event as it was ordained. That was why I was told to find you; why

we are at this point."

       F'lisa was afraid.

       When she had left her tribe to wander the outer world, she had not a reference of

what to expect. In the time-keeping of the Leukans she was just ending her cub cycle.

It was not normal for one as young as she to leave behind all that was known to her.

If not for the signs that her shaman read divining she was to leave, her travels would

have still been a couple growth cycles away.

       It had been unfortunate that the first outside village F'lisa had visited had been

raided. She had been caught unawares, with no time to defend herself, only to end

up, with others, as the power source for the oars.

       The time of her enslavement had seemed forever.

       Then, liberation by a people she had only been swiftly informed, existed.

Could this be the destiny that her shaman told her had been foretold. Was she part

of a greater plan.

       It was this reason that had F'lisa fearful. The task seemed impossible to fulfill.

       It should be something that was left alone.

       In the annals of the Leukans, it had never been done intentionally. Not once had

it ever been tried.

       If it succeeded, it would be a first.

       Could she bring herself to do it. It was not an action to take, lightly. She had

to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally.

       Was she up to it?

       Hopefully, she would be.

       The time was near.

       In preparation of the task to come, A'th'n  received further insight from

the other Primae incarnations, who assured her that her idea for permanently

banishing the CHTHONIAN collective was viable.

       To better understand why this course of action was necessary, A'th'n learned why

it was the responsibility, shame of each of the incarnations for ridding this world of

this threat.

       H'br'a, spoken through A'yd'a, explained the CHTHONIAN collective and why, since

A'yd'a through T'li'a, H'br'a, now, A'th'n it had to come to this point.

    Since her initial landfall, every time that the Primae had released a life

force from a body she killed, the only logical solution to correct the crisis at hand,

the spirit had not anywhere to go. It hung in the ether seeking spiritual release.

Never finding any, the spirits soon learned that joining together made them capable of

creating entities that could exist, again, in the living world, albeit as Sapen

mockeries. Learning swiftly, the collected spirits came to the realization that not

only could they exist on the living plane; they could alter it.

       It was this "awakening" that started their raiding, terrorizing, destroying all

living beings they encountered.

       The end result of their intermingling was to, first, confuse, next, annihilate

the outer husks of the tortured to absorb them into their collective existence.

       In time, the first few spirits realized they were capable of manipulation,

allowing them to become very adept at their methods with the one goal being total

domination of all species, races. Keeping their combined numbers small enabled them to

become the most powerful psychic entities ever created.

       The more powerful, the collective became the more notice the Primae took of them.

       Within a few life cycles, the Primae realized it was her responsibility to end

this threat. However, the collective was always one step ahead, they knew that if the

Primae caught them, she would release them back, unwillingly, into the spirit world

where they would soon disperse into eternity.

       This evasion continued until H'br'a, who was a greater Primae than ever before,

since she was a hybrid of two species, Sapen and Floar. It was this species melding

that prevented the collective from manipulating her mind.

       H'br'a would have succeeded, in totally eradicating the collective that all the

previous incarnations had attempted, except two had been on a raid, when she arrived.

Before H'br'a had the opportunity to complete the spiritual release, she had

received her next to last tattoo that triggered her action to seek out her successor.

All following actions lead to her capture by the Levians until she was rescued

and reborn as A'th'n.

       Now it was up to A'th'n, a further enhanced incarnation, who, because of  her

being an older Primae incarnation and her physical differences, made her immune to the

CHTHONIAN collective influence.

       Her untried plan with F'lisa, hopefully, would be the solution.

       Breaking the connection with A'yd'a, rising up from her position sitting on the

floor,  A'th'n prepared herself for the coming confrontation.

       The two remaining collective were approaching.

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