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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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Donald's Foods

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From the Universe of Sunglasses, Time Travel, & Iced-Tea, Dominick & Leah, Let the Good Times Roll, and Is it Like Today?

Donald's Foods is a restaurant that is unique in that it maintains a classy, authentic setting yet is inexpensive to eat at, doesn't normally take meal reservations, and caters to any kind of food ordered by its patrons. Visitors merely write down their food of choice on an order card, pay via a machine at their table, and send their order through a slot to the kitchen, which prepares whatever meal they wrote down within half an hour. Often the franchise owner of the restaurant will deliver the food to the table, unless it is very busy and secondary waiters are required.

The restaurant was the brainchild of Donald S. Campbell who, after setting up a farm in Selkirk, Manitoba shortly after he emigrated from Scotland in 1903, decided to serve people straight from his working farm rather than sell to stores and markets in town. The first restaurant was a simple sit-and-eat place that served food directly from the farm. Donald would slowly expand his emerging business as he purchased more land and cultivated different farms for expanding his range of food stuffs. Emerging as an entrepreneur, he eventually franchised the restaurant as it became a chain, and specified that a customer could order almost any kind of food he desired, directly from his Manitoba farms. In later years he would acquire supplies for more foreign foods directly from said places, operating a direct shipping service from Japan, England and Russia.

The chain would expand to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec by 1958, and would almost be national by the early 1980s; Alberta was the last province to open a Donald's Foods restaurant (in 1994) due to contract and business conflicts that could not be negotiated or reached over many years.

Donald's Foods is considered a Canadian landmark and has restaurants in every major city, and most towns. In 1999 it opened its one and only international location in London, England. It is also the the country's oldest-running restaurant, considered classy yet affordable, with the widest range of foodstuffs available (from French cuisine to Japanese sushie).

The restaurant is referenced in popular culture in the song 'At Donald's Foods' by The Leonard Band. The song was released as a single in 2014 and secured #14 in the Canadian charts.

In 2033, one-hundred and thirty years after Donald opened his first restaurant, the private Canadian restaurant chain was bought out by American entrepreneur Ralf Kraut for 13.97 billion dollars (American), who intends on removing the wide-ranging food availability, converting the current buildings into cafes and walk-in places, and adopting a fast-food principle wherein customers order food from an established menu of meal items and recieve their food within sixty seconds. A new name ("McDonald's") and a logo containing a golden arches will be introduced as well. This is all intended for faster service, efficient food preparation and higher profits.

Kraut is known for re-modeling Kresge's Goods in the U.S. and renaming it K-Mart, bringing it back into a profitable business.

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