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Julian Osterman Julian Osterman
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Independence Day

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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Empty pigment vitriol
White Father, White Son, White Ghost
Dull knives hamstring the budget
Civilian up-rise coast to coast
Downpour this temperamental tempest
Finna flash and flex my flesh
Can't protect ya neck from the IRS
And God Bless
Unless you be brown or black or red or yellow
Or somehow standing in disbelief
Of my White Napoleon Jesus.

Break your knees in the parish
If you dare stand up to the Man
We didn't take over this land so you can shitcan
Our ideal values of suburban sprawl and squalor
And grab your guns and your dollars
And make sure you know your daughters know
When that boy hits her it's because he loves her.

Speak your mind if your mind is white as a blank slate
So we can draw these stick figures in blood
Drawn from tree people like sap with skin as dirty as mud
Who's motto was to never take more than we need
And use every bit and appreciate every life we take
And never understood the white man's burden
To take and take and take and take
And when there is nothing left to fill you up with hate
And shove Bible's in your hands and English in your mouth
And thoughts in your head of vengeance you aren't allowed
Stand in the back of the bus as we celebrate our independence.

Celebrate our freedom from self-inflicted wounds
By self inflicting wounds
I am a profit of our lord, the White Napoleon Jesus.

We use violence against the black man to build these towers
And when the black man uses violence to tear these towers down
We will go to him
Go to his land
And we will systematically destroy everything he holds dear
We will murder his children
We will butcher livestock
We will lock down an entire country
And decimate their third world trade centers
And we will take our pain
And fold it back on you infinitely
And you will not know us
Our white faces staring into computer monitors
Coffee in hand
Playing video games with nonchalance
And we will fuck you up
And we will not care
Because at the end of our day
We drive our cars made by foreign countries
And wear our suits made by foreign countries
And eat our food picked and packaged by foreign immigrants
And watch our TV that tells us how much we are better off we are
And how everyone else in the world is wrong but us
And we will pat ourselves on the back
And we will pray to our White Jesus
And we will give thanks
Thanks for making me white
Thanks for making me void of any attachment to suffering
Thanks for making me better than
Above than
Greater than
Never equal to
Because at heart, I say "fuck the black man."
"Fuck minorities."
"I'm white."
"I don't give a fuck."

Because at heart, America is truly the land of the free
Homelessness is free
Poverty is free
Disease is free
Shame is free
Violence is free
And the realization of the fact that there is no political corruption
Because this is exactly how the system was designed to work.

Stand Your Ground
Jim Crow
The Black Code
Second Amendment
Voting Block
Police State
The Seventy-Two Names of the White Napoleon Jesus.

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