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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again... (Chapter Six)

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Chapter 6

Brandon eased himself into a busy schedule while juggling a job search and apartment hunting while also trying to avoid his roommate, Jason Denning.  Brandon limited time spent in his room to sleeping and showering.  He spent most hours going to class and studying in the library. He had met a few people but focused attention mostly on school and getting off campus where he could really focus on his goals.

Kelly and he had scarcely spoken on the phone and text messages were short and sweet. They both were busy managing new schedules and found it difficult to keep in touch as much as they would like. Brandon had kept quiet about the intrusion he had on his first night in the dorm room. He knew that it would only spark a lot or worry from Kelly.  Any seed of doubt in Kelly’s mind would only grow and cause problems between them.  What she didn’t know, she didn’t need to know.


Kelly was busy preparing for school which would start in just a few days’ time. She had barely allowed herself any free time for preparation. She had been working as many hours as she could to keep her mind off of Brandon his absence. She wondered how he was making out. She sensed that something was bothering him but he would not discuss whatever it was.

Kelly re-focused her thinking to the coming week and wondered what Tracey was up to. It had been at least a week since pizza night with Brandon, Michael and Tracey.  She wondered if Tracey was ready for school. Perhaps they could get together for a little pre-school shopping and a girls day out.  She decided to give Tracey a call and see if she would be available for a trip to the mall.

She dialed Tracey’s cell phone and waited for her to answer. The call connected to Tracey’s voicemail message immediately. “Hi Tracey, it’s Kelly calling. Just wondering if you would like to get together with me for a day of shopping and maybe some lunch at the mall? Give me a call when you get the message. Thanks. Talk to you later. Bye”. Kelly hung up the phone feeling a little depressed and lonely. She hated that Brandon wasn’t around. It was going to be a tough year.


Tracey jumped out of the shower and dried herself off. She was looking forward to seeing a little more of Kelly this year.  They had barely seen each other all summer and Michael just wanted to hang out at the beach all of the time. It was nice to be with him and spend time together but it was the same thing day in and day out. Tracey was looking forward to returning to school and seeing friends again. A change is just what the doctor ordered for her. She brushed the knots out of her wet hair and glanced down at her cell phone. She noticed the message, “Missed Call” displayed on her phone and quickly picked it up to see who had called.

Tracey dialed into her voicemail to hear the message and smiled when she heard Kelly’s voice and the invitation to go shopping. She quickly dialed Michael to tell him that she wouldn’t be going to the beach today and that she need to spend some time with Kelly to cheer her up.  Michael seemed unaffected by the news and was happy to give her the time she needed. Tracey ended the call and dialed Kelly’s number.

“hello?” Kelly answered.

“Hey it’s Tracey. It’s a date! When do you wanna get together? I can be ready in about 40 minutes? Tracey offered.

“Great, I’ll come and pick you up. See you then!” Kelly immediately felt better. It had been a long time since the two of them had spent time alone together. It would be a fun day of shopping and gossip and much needed girl time.

Kelly took the time to curl her hair and put on some make-up and dressed in a cute little sundress and sandals. She wore her hair down and wore cute loose crocheted cap which pulled out the blue in her eyes. She looked stunning as usual. When she came down the stairs, she was surprised to find that her parents were nowhere in sight. Laura had left a note on the counter for her:

“Good Morning Kelly! Your father and I have gone out for coffee with Scott and Lisa and little Chance. Will let you know how everything goes when we get back”
Luv you,
Mom and Dad

Kelly quickly jotted down a reply to let them know that she would be spending the day with Tracey and then locked up the house and left for Tracey’s house.


Wayne was nervous. He was afraid of what he might say to Scott. He was still angry that Scott had betrayed his trust by trying to take advantage of his daughter. A lot had happened since and Wayne had taken a lot of time to think about all that had gone on. He missed Scott a lot but he wasn’t sure that he could trust him anymore. Scott was young and perhaps he had married Lisa a little too soon. Maybe he had felt trapped in his marriage and was looking for a way out. He wasn’t sure what had motivated Scott to do what he had done. He also understood that his daughter Kelly was beautiful and that she seemed older that she was but that was no excuse.

What would he say to Scott after all this time?

Laura sat beside Wayne in the car in quiet contemplation herself. She was fidgety and worried about a possible confrontation. Wayne would not talk about the past with her. Laura was amazed that he had agreed to a meeting.


Lisa and Scott were both on edge with each other and Chance could sense the tension between them. He kept his normal chatter to a minimum as he tried to understand what was happening. He played quietly in the back of the car with his toy truck making noises with his lips as he pushed the toy truck over the hills of his legs and pretended to crash.

The car slowed and turned into the driveway of the familiar coffee shop. “Can I have a donut, Mommy and some chocolate milk?” asked Chance.

“Sure you can buddy” said Scott.

“Okay let’s go.” added Lisa

Scott took Chance by the hand and led him to an empty round table in the back corner of the café near the window while Lisa went to place her order for two coffees, and a plain donut and a small chocolate milk. She paid the bill and took her order to the table. Chance was only too eager to dive right in.

A few moments passed before Wayne and Laura entered the café. Laura waved at them and quickly walked over to join them while Wayne went to place their order. Laura greeted Scott with a warm  embrace and did the same with Lisa and then she bent down to meet Chance’s eyes and chocolate covered face, “You must be Chance!” she extended her hand to him and shook his hand. “It’s nice to meet you Chance! You sure look like your Daddy!”

Chance smiled back at her with a mouthful of donut and tried to say hello.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Lisa chided.

Laura sat next to Scott and across from Lisa and Chance, leaving the seat next to Lisa for her husband to join them. Wayne approached and set the tray on the table and reached across to shake Scott’s hand firmly. “Scott; It’s been awhile. A lot to catch up on.” He then turned and bent down to give Lisa a warm hug. “How have you been Lisa? It’s nice to see you again! And you must be Chance. My daughter Kelly says that you are as a cute as a button and I have to agree! How are you little buddy!” said Wayne

“I’m great! Said Chance.

Everyone laughed. Little Chance had broken the ice and brought everyone’s guard down. The afternoon was polite and careful. The two men spoke very little, allowing the women to carry the afternoon’s conversations with a little comic relief from Chance. It had been a good start and the guarded walls were starting to crumble. Shoulders relaxed as the cups emptied and joy returned to a reunion of friendship. It would be slow for trust to return, but a new bridge was being constructed between two old friends.

Wayne sensed a different person in Scott. He was not the same strong, confident guy he had once been. He was no longer the ladies’ man who attracted everyone’s attention. Instead, he had become a quiet doting father. He no longer scanned the room looking for attractive ladies to flirt with but he was also less attentive to his wife and this worried Wayne a little bit. He wasn’t sure If Scott was just distracted by his own thoughts and worries about their meeting or if there was more to it.  He would be paying very close attention to Scott’s actions from now on.


Kelly pulled in Tracey’s drive and honked the horn.

A couple of minutes later, Tracey appeared and hopped in the car. “Wow, you look nice Tracey. You’re so tanned and healthy looking!” said Kelly.

“Thanks Kelly. You look pretty too but you could use a little more sunshine. You’ve been working too hard! Tracey smiled, “So what are we shopping for? Clothes, school supplies, shoes, purses or what?”

“Whatever you want or all of the above, It’s our day!”

They chatted and laughed as they drove to the mall. It felt so good to be this close again. Like old times when they were both single. They parked the car and entered the mall. They browsed every store and tried on clothes and shoes and purses. They had a blast. They shopped for books and pens, calculators and rulers and everything you could think of for school. By the time they had finished their shopping, they each had a handful of bags and they were both starving. They loaded the bags in the back of Kelly’s bug and headed to a trendy little restaurant with a sidewalk patio. They each ordered the grilled chicken club with fries and a soda.

After their meal, they walked down to the beach and chatted about boys and their little problems. It was great for Kelly to get Tracey’s perspective and to learn that Tracey too had similar feelings about her own relationship with Michael. She learned that Tracey was worried that she and Michael were not as perfect together as she had originally thought. Michael was a free spirit who enjoyed her company but he wasn’t serious about their relationship. He liked Tracey and they had a lot of fun together but he wasn’t committed to it the way Tracey was.

The strength of their friendship was renewed and they both looked forward to confiding in one another again.

Kelly told Tracey about the meeting of Scott and Lisa again and how she had met Chance. She explained that her parents had gone to meet them for coffee this very day.

Red flags went up immediately for Tracey. She sensed a curiosity in Kelly about the whole situation.

Kelly told Tracey about the weird dream and how all of sudden he had shown up again out of the blue. The whole story sent shivers down Tracey’s spine. One thing for sure; there was never a dull moment around Kelly.

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