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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star- Chapter Twenty-Two

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      The sight that met the two CHTHONIANS, as they entered the holding cell, allowed

them to dispense with the illusion of the black ship. The illusion was not needed, any

longer. All of the crews from both ships were already assimilated into the CHTHNONIAN

collective- the combined knowledge from each captured ship had told them where the

ones they desired were to be located.

      It had been a simple matter to find each of them on their own or wait until the

remaining missing had come forth themselves. Everybody they needed for their actions

were, now, already contained within the holding cell.

    All eight captives were in differing states of consciousness.

    Three, the Sapens, were still unconscious on the cell floor.

    There was a maimed member of the accursed Levians pacing back and forth across the


    The two Keths were off to one side. The elder one, leaning upon his staff, the

other sitting up against the wall, his staff within arm's reach upon the cell floor.

Neither one seemed interested in the CHTHONIANS' arrival.

     One of the others was the hated Primae. Contrary, to their understanding, she was

neither helpless or even caring about them in any respect.

    The remaining, conscious occupant was a member of the previously unknown Leukans.

This female seemed to be in a high state of anxiety, clicking her five inch claws

together, swaying from side to side as she muttered to herself.

    The Leukan,  second in ferocity to the Primae, would be first choice to join their

ranks. The Leukan's spirit seemed equal to the strength the CHTHONIANS' felt would be

required to bring the Primae fully under their control and assimilation.

    This choice made, the two mind-controller entities turned towards the Leukan. They

extended their right arms outward in a rolling, counter-clockwise motion.

    After a few moments, the Leukan stopped her claw clicking, her side to side sway,

lastly, her muttering.

     These motions continued until the Leukan's rolled sideways into her head, her

mouth opened in a silent scream.

      The Leukan's body went into a shaking, as if possessed, her feline body started

to molt, small clumps, at first, then with greater urgency.

      F'lisa was unsure of the Primae's plan. If it was to work as desired, she would

have to make a very big sacrifice. It was unproven, untried. It was based on the

assertion of the Primae that the power of the CHTHNONIANS' brainwaves, though potent

and crippling, was not all encompassing. There were calculated gaps in the severity of

the mind assault. F'lisa hoped that the link the Primae had established with her as a

control was sufficient for the task at hand. Under her breath, she muttered, all the

time clicking her claws while she swayed side to side. Through their established

mind link, the Primae had informed F'lisa's that the link was very strong, alleviating

her fears.

      None too soon, as right after this assurance, the CHTHNONIANS entered their cell.

      F'lisa watched as the two seemed to be sizing each of the cell members one by one

until their combined gaze fell upon her.

      F'lisa felt a pressure building inside her as the CHTHNONIANS extended their

arms and began a repetitious rolling counter clockwise circle. The longer F'lisa looked

at the arm motions, the weaker she became.

     Suddenly, her eyes rolled sideways into her head. All control, voluntary or not,

ceased. The pressure continued building, behind her eyes, so severely she tried to open

her mouth to scream, in an attempt to relieve this pain, but she failed. Her body

started shaking, as if she were in the throes of a great illness. Her fur felt as if

on fire. Then , her fur started to fall off her body, first in small swatches, then

greater clumps.

     As this mental onslaught continued in ever strengthening degrees, F'lisa felt the

beginning of the temporary disembodiment that was the indicator of death. F'lisa felt

afraid of this new sensation, making her desire to stop this action.

     In her mind, she reached out to the Primae declaring she wanted this death to


     F'lisa felt no response from the Primae.

      The mind link between the two of them seemed to cease. Could this action be going

terribly wrong.

      In the last moment before her spirit left her body, F'lisa looked towards the


     As her spirit, finished its separation from her body, F'lisa saw the Primae's face

was in agonizing pain.

     A'th'n stood up, after her internal discourse with the incarnations, established

her desired mind link with F'lisa, in time to be prepared as the CHTHNONIANS entered

the captives' cell.

     A'th'n noticed when the two mind manipulators, sized up all the captives, then,

following their guessed action, commenced their mental assault upon F'lisa.

     In an attempt to allay the Leukan's fears, A'th'n reached out to F'lisa, to assure

her that everything was progressing as planned and that A'th'n was with F'lisa as


     Something was wrong. The mind link was not as strong as it should be. Sometimes it

was solid; other times it was as thin as a thread. This inconsistency caused A'th'n to

relinquish the link , in the hope she could reestablish it stronger, more controlled.

     Before there was any solid re-linking, F'lisa's  death mode triggered. A'th'n

felt F'lisa's spirit commence to leave her body, slipping away before A'th'n could

regain her promised mental control.

    She watched as F'lisa's eyes rolled, her body, both shaking then molting.

    A'th'n saw the agony of the premature death throes that F'lisa was experiencing.

    Again, she tried to re-connect with F'lisa's psyche, but she was distracted from

an outside source. Another entity was attempting to assault the CHTHNONIANS. If A'th'n

could not take back control of everything, F'lisa's sacrifice would be a wasted effort.

    A'th'n felt a rage, an agony, hatred boil forth from this new assault.

    A'th'n, knowing who it was who was interfering, attempted  to link with this new

mindset, at the same time attempting to stop F'lisa's demise. She tried to channel the

rage outwards; it was too strong.

    She could not re-link with either at the same time.

    A'th'n made the conscious decision to follow the link of rage, thereby condemning

F'lisa  to be alone; contrary to A'th'n's  promise.

    A'th'n used her psychic eye, saw F'lisa's spirit rise above her feline body. This

unnecessary death caused a new pricking to form on A'th'n's face.

    As the pricking manifested, A'th'n hoped to contain the fury of assault of rage,

but to do so required she return to the physical world.

    A'th'n commenced her return to the physical plane.

    However, A'th'n broke the psychic link faster than it should have been. Her re-

entering reality caused A'th'n's face to show the turmoil that was growing within her.

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