Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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In the magic tents bequeathed By the bell vine blooms. Love these lines

Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Thank you, Deborah. Bell vine flowers have beauty but the plant is a runaway beast in the garden. Once you've got it growing up a fence, you've got it.

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Harry Wells Harry Wells
Recommendations: 15

Tanka Summer

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soul mates

Garden meditations during an
unusually hot English Summer

Panting dogs lie prone,                            

Birds make gargantuan gapes                        

Gasping for cool air.                            

Fishes, pouting from the pond,              

Blow kisses to damsel flies.                            

On clear gauzy wings,                            

Dragonflies and lacewings skim              

Round water lilies'                            

Centres of sensual hues                      

And succulent honey dew.                    

Bees suck drowsily                            

In the magic tents bequeathed                    

By the bell vine blooms.                                           2 comments

And I? Dreamy hours I spend              

Sitting among the flowers.

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