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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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Crazy Sentences - My Humor

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I feel I need to write this companion essay to coincide with what I just put up here.

The 'Crazy Sentences' have nothing to do with what I've written here before other than being the origin of that 'desk device' that Jason lets Shawn use in the 'Is it Like Today?' story.

They started when I was in grade 7 English - we had to write a verb in a sentence, then write another sentence with an adjective. Failing to understand the assignment, I instead wrote absurd short stories about one or two sentences long about each of my fellow classmates.

I would do this again in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade, including the teachers and EAs that were in any class, as well as one for each class each semester in high school since they often consisted of different students. It's pure absurdity; taking one or two things I knew about someone in class, I'd give them an absurd or extreme situation in my writing based on that. And I'd play with wording or sentence structure (using dense words for instance). I would also write versions for my paternal relatives, consisting of cousins, aunts and uncles.

The version I put up here is about a fictional 20th birthday party I had two years ago, and in putting it up here, I changed some of the names of people to names I used in the Iced-tea series I wrote here; none of the characters in those stories have anything to do with this, I just used their names.

This is what my writing humourously looks like. Pure unusual absurdity. I hope the humor translates okay.

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