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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star-Chapter Twenty-Four

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      Her mentors' teachings aided Soru as she, slowly, recovered from the beating she

received during the crewmembers attack.

     Her ALLIAN disciplines aided her as Soru fought through the confusion. The

relaxation of her body enabled her to shut down all but the involuntary reflexes while

she recuperated.

     She steadied her breathing, allowed her mind to help heal her body.

     One utilized lesson, that had been repeated over and over during her tutelage,

regarding channeling emotion, assisted her passage back to consciousness.

     One of the many healing mantras, the one that invoked Dei, sped up her metabolism,

alleviated her pain,and faded her many bruises.

     Gradually, time passed. Soru's body, mind, fully recovered, enabled her to lift

her head up.

     A disturbance that she sensed over to her left, caused her to open her eyes, to

witness chaos.

     Soru placed her arms underneath herself, pushed herself to her knees. Her open

hand found her staff, surprisingly, still next to her. Soru placed the staff firmly

upon the floor, allowed her to hoist herself to a standing position.

     Once upright, she noticed the prone figure, to her right.

     It was Neith, barely conscious.

     Soru turned towards Neith, where she leaned over to start to whisper into Neith's

ear in an attempt to rouse Neith back to reality.

     After a few moments of this action, Soru sensed Neith was beginning to stir. This

caused Soru to speak slightly louder as  a means to aid Neith's total re-entry back to


     When Neith showed signs of returning to wakefulness, Soru turned her attention

back to the original disturbance that had aroused her.

     Soru's vision in the direction of the disturbance allowed her to witness a lone

figure standing before the Leukan crewmember she had met before she was beaten


     The figure appeared to be A'th'n.  Momentarily, turning back to Neith, Soru

started to reveal this fact when the cry of anguish escaped A'th'n's mouth.

    All other actions ceased as Soru, raced to A'th'n's side to reestablish her role

as the Primae's guardian.

     The images that flashed before Neith's inner eye were jumbled and disjointed.

     The memory of the Keth, Paldor, who had asked for simple passage upon her ship

that had been anything but routine.

     The reunion of herself and her sister.

     Her sister's capture then rescue.

     An old friend's return; loss of same.

     The vision of her sister's face as it changed from Sapen to the Primae.

     The remembrance of the black ship that had caused herself and two other

crewmembers, the ALLIAN disciple and that fur-skinned female to be assaulted which had

turned to darkness.

    Her awakening, mere moments later, ceased all this remembering as she had heard a

voice whispering her name.

    Neith, in her chaotic, mental state, only wanted it to stop, momentarily. She

wished to sink back into the darkness, until it could be sorted out.

     Her resolve firmed. She wouldn't fall back into the dark, she would fight her way

back to total clarity.

     She resolved to listen to the whispering voice. Neith shook her head to clear it

then she attempted to rise.

     The soft voice cautioned her to remain still for a while longer.

     Neith did wait until all the darkness had formed into the light of a hold.

     She noticed upon gazing around the cell that her whisperer had been Soru, who had

her staff at the ready. Immediately, beyond Soru were faces of people she knew, a few

she didn't and one would never forgive, her sister's captor, whose attack had destined

her sister's transformation.

     As her pain and physical signs of her beating continued to fade, Neith realized

she still had her cutlass at her feet which she returned to the scabbard at her hip.

     In the process of thanking Soru for her help being revived, she heard an

anguished cry of pain.  

     She beheld Soru's forward rush to the side of her transformed sister.

     A'th'n, swiftly, tried to recover from the abrupt release of psychic energy.

     It was not to be. Instead, she could only try to contain it until it subsided.

     It was far more powerful than she realized. Her failed attempt at containment was

visible upon her face. The pain was greater than ever experienced. Even the

incarnations bore witness that it had never been this intense. They understood when

A'th'n gave forth a grimace.

      She tamped down her own physical discomfort utilizing the combined essences of

all the previous Primae.

     She tried to slow down both Perra's and F'lisa's  demises.

      Quickly, she realized she could not do both, effectively.

      She decided to turn her attention back to the original plan using F'lisa in the

hope, if done swiftly, she could save Perra as well.

     The insight of the incarnations informed her that Perra's demise couldn't be


     A'th'n with this knowledge, reached out to F'lisa and reestablished the mind link.

     In the process of the reconnect, A'th'n felt F'lisa's disembodiment commence as

her first death concluded. She eliminated F'lisa's  awareness of this process by

rendering her unconscious.

     A'th'n guided F'lisa's spirit towards the planned assault on the CHTHNONIANS with

such focus that she never saw Neith , mercifully, thrust her drawn cutlass into Perra's

tortured body.

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