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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star - Chapter Twenty Five

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      The intensity of the torturous assault was such as had not been achieved before.

     Unlike the other times, the CHTHNONIANS took sinister pleasure in changing the

degrees of psychic pressure they brought to bear on Perra's physical, mental and

emotional levels of consciousness. Especially, the one who had told her that she had

been only a pawn in their plans of conquering the Primae. To add to the disfigurement

of her face she, now, had to endure the rape of her mind and loss of her very


     Perra attempted to survive at all cost but it had never been her choice.

     Deep inside, her soul realized that her time upon the Sapen plane was over.

     She made one last, feeble attempt at her revenge. She willed her hands to thrust

her knives into the CHTHNONIANS; only to see them slip uselessly from her grip.

     She prepared herself for her imminent release by invoking a prayer to Dei for

a swift end.

     Then, she felt the sharp pain inside her body; her slowly unseeing eyes

witnessed the cutlass's strike as it, mercifully, stopped all her sensations of pain.

     When Neith's cutlass, mercifully, ended Perra's life, the CHTHNONIAN primary was

unprepared for the abrupt release.

     The degree of psychic energy utilized to cause her immense suffering, pushing her

torment to the utmost, was such that the unexpected, abrupt termination prevented the

control needed to maintain desired focus.

     The pent up force continued to the nearest, closest being.

     When the energy reached him, the secondary CHTHNONIAN, not knowing that his

Collective brethren had lost focus had not the warning required to deflect the

mind force.

     The deadly, psychic blast acquired his mind, building to an unstoppable wave of


     For the first time in the Collective's memory, a member, actually, felt fear and


     The silent, terrifyingly painful scream that left his mind was one never uttered

by any of their ilk.

     The primary CHTHNONIAN sensed this action but could not avert the misdirected,

telepathic wave.

      His inaction was such that he could only watch as his "mirror" self collapsed

upon the cell floor.

     The primary attempted  to reestablish a mind link to verify existence  but

received nothing but the silence of emptiness.

     Now, that he realized he was the last of his kind, the CHTHNONIAN had to refocus

his attention back onto the Leukan  in a final attempt to thwart the Primae.

     A'th'n's efforts to ease the F'lisa's anguish, by rendering her unconscious, were


     When the death throes ceased, A'th'n guided F'lisa's freed spirit back into Sapen

reality; holding it in check until the completion of her plan could be initiated.

     A'th'n did not realize the effort required to maintain this action would cause her

and her incarnations to not be fully aware of unexpected assistance.

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