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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Under the Double Star - Chapter Twenty-Six

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      When the cutlass pierced Perra's body, ended her Sapen existence; it allowed her

to see everything from the astral plane.

     Perra became aware of the complete scene around her - the Primae's desire to use

the fur-clad female as a means to finish the complete obliteration of the CHTHNONIANS,

the beings who had caused her to be a traitor to her own race.

    All the thoughts and actions of all the participants of the cell were clear and

concise as Perra felt herself departing her facially scarred, torn body.

    Her spirit, now, free of the pain and suffering at the mercy of the CHTHNONIANS,

started its journey towards Dei.

    Perra sensed the light of salvation that began to envelope her as it welcomed her

to paradise.  She was, finally, at peace. She was almost glad that her misguided life

was finished.

     Then, she saw and felt it. How the Primae's plan could still fail. The unknown

factor that was being overlooked.

     Perra saw how the fallen CHTHNONIAN was dying.

     The opportunity to avenge herself upon CHTHNONIANS was within her grasp.

     Perra saw what needed to be done.

     She abandoned her wish for eternal peace with Dei, turned her spirit around to

join the psychic battle she saw had commenced.

     She hoped that what she had perceived was,indeed, true.

     Moreso, could she use it to redeem herself.

     When the uncoordinated blast of psychic energy, released by his "mirror" brethren

overwhelmed him, the wounded CHTHNONIAN attempted to readjust.

     Even as he attempted to slow down the impact, feeling himself start to leave this

plane of existence, he became aware of the totality of the Primae's plan- the

previously unknown regeneration ability of the Leukan female.

    In his last effort to seek revenge upon the Primae for the almost complete

annihilation of his "brethren", he summoned up as much psychic energy as he could


    He released it all, fully focused, on the fur-clad female.

    He never saw if he was successful, the darkness reclaimed him but not before he

became aware of a difference in the psychic realm.

    The Primae was being torn into two, differing, psychic directions. The Leukan female

was in chaos.  The CHTHNONIAN sensed that the regeneration was not normal. A

distraction of the Primae was causing her to lose her own focus as she aided the


     It was his hope that the release of energy he provided would allow

his "brother" to compensate.  

      The darkness retook a hold of him, dragging him deeper into oblivion.

      His last conscious thought was, why did he feel another presence watching


     As the first death of her life cycle concluded, F'lisa was both mystified and

curious regarding the process. Her shaman had only alluded to what it could be.

    In her mind, it should have been terrifying when, in reality, it was very


    The momentary disembodiment was distorted; neither stable or chaotic.

    F'lisa wondered if this was how it was supposed to be. She could feel the Primae's

existence within her; guiding her back to reality as they, both, had surmised.

     She welcomed it when the Primae began to render her unconscious as was promised

to help her rebirth.

     She could feel herself, momentarily, cease to be- her first time dying.

     The second birth came automatically, without effort on her part as she drifted

into unconsciousness.

     F'lisa began to feel at peace, thinking the plan was successful.

     The sudden, unexpected psychic wave was overpowering. F'lisa was overwhelmed.

     Her control of all she held as her identity overturned.

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