Harry Wells Harry Wells
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three to six would look better than 3 to 4. Mathematical symbols lookout of place.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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i don't agree with what they tell you in the second last line of this verse. :)

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Sometimes at Night

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soul mates

I couldn`t stay silent for too long. The words kept oozing out of me into the vastly unknown Universe. But even a child raised by wolves will finally come to placate his intrinsic ferocity into something hopeful of beauty.

The midnight drear
sometimes catches
me by the throat
and I recoil...a-gasp
at the dance macabre
I find playing abstract expression
out before me

betwixt the dream-like hours
of 3 to six
my mind meanders
down forbidden paths
beyond the shadow
of moon and all that
that mood and murk implies 1 comment

And suddenly a shadow flickers before me
causing me sudden unrest
to my beauteous sleep
and rouses my calloused reason to ponder
upon the mystical ravings
of that man that now looks at me
with quizzical expression
which now is torn from my lips of clay

It keeps my creative Muse at bay
this doubt... this horridly tangible
censor clawing at my reason
for Being and ultimately for ...breathing
damnable pen won`t move
in time to the distant drummer
and, yet...you shouldn`t take me so seriously, my sweet
because, you know, they most often
tell me I`m full of shit
don`t you think?? 1 comment

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