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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Under the Double Star - Chapter Twenty-Seven

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      When the otherworldly blast was released by his "brother", the CHTHNONIAN leader

realized the import of the move; what it meant for the ordeal that was to commence for

full control of this world.

     He had sensed, at the same time as his brethren had through their common link,

what the Primae attempted to achieve.

     Through the distractions that were occurring upon the astral plane, the

CHTHNONIAN was able to ascertain that what the Primae was attempting had never been

attempted before. He saw the flaw for which the Primae had not prepared. It would be

enough for him to counteract.

     Mentally, thanking his "brother" for the opening salvo in the ordeal, the

Chthnonian commenced his own contribution.

     Thankfully, the control of F'lisa's death and rebirth that A'th'n had almost lost

was strengthening.

     After releasing Perra's spirit to its fate, A'th'n was able to regain full control

of F'lisa's death and rebirth sequence; even though it was an untested theory. She

reassured F'lisa ,telepathically, that all was as it should be.

     A'th'n sensed that the longer she and F'lisa stayed connected the stronger

F'lisa's re-entry back into the world of the living.

     As the rebirth sequence was coming to full conclusion, the warning came from

H'br'a through A'yd'a that would change everything.

     When the initial psychic blast overwhelmed her, F'lisa felt her spirit beginning

to dissipate; drawn into many directions.

    F'lisa overcame her fear of the unknown utilizing all the Leukan  teachings she had

learned from her shaman.

    The main lesson regarded her anchoring herself to the physical world by

concentrating on the reality around her; not losing herself in the  afterlife, aided

by the Primae's mental presence within her soul.

    The Primae's whisperings inside her head assisted F'lisa as her spirit,

momentarily, retreated into the dark shadow of death.  

    F'lisa wavered in and out of existence, fought to regain herself, felt a third

presence on the unworldly plane before she revived.

    F'lisa started to breath again in her corporeal body, with the sensation of dull

pins and needles prominent.  She laid quietly until the spinning inside her head

subsided; the bitter ash taste of the other side had diminished.

    F'lisa breathed a sigh of utmost relief that she had survived her first

resurrection when three colliding forces converged upon her psyche all at once.

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