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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star - Chapter Thirty

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      During all the turmoil and chaos transpiring around her, Perra  noticed the energy

dip that radiated from the almost dissipating CHTHNONIAN. However, unlike her previous

attempts, Perra did not hesitate. As the CHTHNONIAN repulsed, once again, her latest

attack, his recovery was not sufficient to return to any type of sustained activity.

Not wishing to take any risks, Perra unleashed all her pent up rage directly into his

dying core.

     The blast was of such magnitude, it drove the CHTHNONIAN's ebbing life force,

totally, out of his fibrous form.

     While her acclimation of this form continued, Perra sensed the CHTHNONIAN's last

moment of existence as he, silently, winked out of this plane. It was done so swiftly

that his passing never registered with his CHTHNONIAN "brother".

     Perra, awaiting this very moment, immediately took possession of his now, empty

shell before it completed its release of all the captive spirits that was its makeup.

     There was not the pins and needles effect of a revived body, only a coldness.

     Then, Perra heard the "voices" of the souls that made up the body she, now,


    They explained, through her psychic sense, that they, as a whole, constituted the

body's form(being they were not any longer Sapen just the fibrous soul that remained).

They had only been held together by the CHTHNONIAN's controlling mind and, now, that

his influence was terminated they hoped to be released.

     Their anguish was temporary as she took complete control and explained what was

about to occur.

     The spirits quieted, as Perra, gently but firmly, revealed why she was, now, in

control and her reasoning for doing so. How she wished for their assistance in

accomplishing her redemption while she aided the Primae. Then, she promised that if

all went as she hoped all of them would soon be released to go to Dei.

     Perra sensed she had gained their trust as she completed the transition to this

new body. She even noticed that the spirits were able to make this body firmer, more

Sapen in appearance. They informed her that she could control how her body looked and

acted as she wished, CHTHNONIAN or not, she had but to desire the form. All she had to

do was think it to reality.

     With this knowledge, now,hers, Perra hoped she could  be as she wished in form and

action to win her redemption.

     Her salvation or not was close at hand.

     The CHTHNONIAN was ready.

     The Primae would be fooled by his feint.

     His feint would be...THE SHADOWS.

     All who experienced them would think this was all he planned.

      When he released his psychic mind blast it would not be against the Leukan;

rather it was to be against the one the Primae thought she had purged herself.

     The CHTHNONIAN relinquished his mind shield in order to allow the full,

devastating power he was to release to be felt in its complete potency towards the

chosen one.

     He allowed the Primae to pick up on this thought and gesture. It was working. He

could feel the Primae change her focus from the Leukan to encompass all who were


       He pretended that this was a mental slip on his part; all the while he focused

on his  true target.

      He watched, in his mind's eye, as his target, unawares about what was to

overwhelm her, ran to the Primae's side as he knew she would.

     When she reached the Primae's side, he struck.

     F'lisa sensed the difference in the three forces that, simultaneously, struck her.

     She started to lose herself, in the confusion, then came the difference that

allowed her to regain herself and her identity.

     Where there should have been two opposing forces against the Primae's protection

of her there was the opposite.

     F'lisa felt, distinctly, both the Primae and the CHTHNONIAN warring against each

other. It was the third who seemed to change the closer it reached her.

      In the beginning of the attack, it was fully radiating a malevolent mind force

against her( it was this that had her losing herself).

      It wavered then returned but with a lesser frequency.

      As it strengthened, in its second time, it felt not like a force of destruction

but one of protection. So much so that she felt as if it was attacking the CHTHNONIAN

instead while it lent its force to her well being.

     "Why?", F'lisa thought was this happening.

     F'lisa would receive her answer in a matter of moments.

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