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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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They Come

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For Charlie

Was thinking of my old poem "White Rose'  and wanted to do something in that style again.


Devotion has faded
Obscured by the infectious rot

The rash you left me
My nails as claws

Rending my flesh for release
A relief from your disease

A poison with no cure
An antigen, impossible

The Black Plague of old
Coursing through my soul

That spark we shared
Falling as flesh from a leper

Leaving a darkened skeleton
Clawing for respite


Rage filled desire
Fueled by confusion

A heartbeat’s moment
Is all it took

Bewilderment’s reign
Planting the seed of ire

Words tossed as curses
As the pendulum picks up speed

Fiery blame upon the one
That took you to lust’s greed

Conflict replacing compassion
Deferment from the love we shared

An endless desert of detestation
Boiling my skin in your wake


Truth waning
With my strength to go on

The energy of that year
Failing my limbs

My core losing its vitality
Hungering for purpose

Not a morsel of passion in sight
My soul shriveling

As my teeth fall out
My tongue turns to jerky

Your visage appears
Laughing as a jester

At the living corpse
You left me


Vigor diminishing to the ether
Visions of life blackening

A grey mass caressing my form
Still twitching from the impact of your betrayal

Slowly my soul calms
As the peace trickles in

You move on filled with verve
While I lay here

Sickness, hate and hunger
My companions

Friends in this pit of oblivion
You dug for me

We walk as one, my friends
As I welcome it all, as Death

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