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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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The Shapshifters

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      Chapter One: There Lives
   Screaming is heard from the woods. A girl with blonde hair and blood on her shirt screams for help while trying to run on her gashed open leg, A russling of leaves is heard. The girl turned around quickly scanning the area fast "Please don't hurt me no more please!" She cried out as tears rolled down her face. It all went silent then a growl was released, a black panther stepped out reveling its self covered in blood, the panther look into the girls eyes as it crouched down growling, then a gasp was released.
The girl was bent down on the ground crying until she looked up and notice she wasn't hurt that time she looked back to were the panther was. The panther was pinned down by a white wolf with brown eyes. The girl quickly got to her feet and ran screaming, the wolf lifted it head and saw her run, the wolf barked at the panther and ran after the girl. The girl tripped and hit her face, as she looked up she was face to face with the white wolf. She stood up and tried to go backwards but all of a sudden the panther pounced on her from behind, the panther ripped the girls back open killing her.
The white wolf was suddenly a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes and the panther was suddenly a girl with black hair and silver eyes. "MURA!" the brown haired girl yelled. Mura looked at the brown haired girl "WHAT'S WRONG LAYLA?" Mura said walking up to Layla. Layla looked at Mura again with a evil look and yelled "We are not supposed to kill every victim unless they see us transform into are human forms don't you understand im alpha don't forget that now listen to the orders I give you?!?" Mura hung her head low and whined saying sorry. "Lets get back to camp now!" Layla said transforming into her white wolf and Mura transforming into her panther dragging the body back.
The sun was going down as they made it back to camp. Layla walked into the den and Mura followed behind. Layla lied down and looked at the ground. Mura changed into a black wolf and curled up and fell asleep. Layla closed her eyes and fell asleep soon.

Layla woke up to a growl heard outside the den, She stood up looking at Mura who was already awake and still in her wolf form as Layla was also a wolf still. Layla crouched down low as she heard the leaves crunched. Two male Ligers walked by there den One was white with black stripes and the other liger was black with white stripes. Layla started to turn her head to talk to Mura but suddenly Mura lunged out from the den pinning the black liger down. Mura went to bite into the black ligers neck, suddenly she felt a big pain in her side.

"LAYLA!" Mura cried out, The white liger had tackled Mura off of the black liger biting deep into Mura side. Layla stepped out in anger growling a deep growl that she has never released before while Layla large teeth overlapped her lip. Layla looked bigger than usual Mura thought in her mind, The two ligers backed away from Mura and was now face to face with Layla the alpha. "Who are yall?" The white liger roared at Layla. Layla barked still furious with them "IM LAYLA THE ALPHA OF THESE GROUNDS AND THATS MY SISTER MURA NOW STATE YOUR BUSSINESS HERE!" Layla said snapping a little at them.

The two ligers looked at each other with fear in there eyes. The black liger quickly made it over to Mura helping her up. The white liger turned into a boy that had brown hair and blue eyes and had a built body "I was looking for you to join your pack." The brown headed boy said as Layla calmed down changing into her human form. Layla walked up to the boy studying him then all of a sudden Layla tackles the boy screaming "Kane is this really you?!?" Kane smiled a smirk that said yes.

While Kane and Layla were talking for that second Mura was over there holding her side talking to the black liger who was now a boy with black hair and green eyes with snack bites. "Im mark, And im sorry for getting you hurt." Mark said looking into Mura eyes. "Its okay mark im Mura." Mura said smiling at him as she dazed off into his beautiful eyes. Kane and Layla walked over there to Mark and Mura "Kane damn it's been since we ran from school and that kill in the city happen since I seen you." Mura said smiling at Kane, "I know right I missed yall." Kane said smiling at Layla and Mura. Layla went in the den bring out herbs and other aiding stuff, Layla put so herbs and other stuff on her side then wrapping it up after stitching it.

The sun was already setting but Layla wasn't surprised they sleep most of the day away. They all headed back in den to go to sleep, Layla and Kane turned into white wolves and Mark and Mura turned into black panthers. Mark and Mura curled up to each other and instantly fell asleep, Layla and kane were curled up together to but they were still talking to each other. "Kane im glad I got you now." Layla yawned, "I glad to." Kane said yawning after her. "Well people say if you yawn after a person it means yall have a love connection?" Kane said holding Layla tighter to him, Layla smiled "I like that saying, But im tried so ima got to sleep night." Kane smiled and fell asleep at the same time as Layla did.

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