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Braden Fritsche Braden Fritsche
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We Are the Clever

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We Are the Clever
I believe in Art.

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I've never written anything like this before... But I hope you all enjoy!

We are the clever, the ones who stay firm.
But on the inside, our hearts, they may yearn.

We too feel the pain of loved ones passed,
and we too know the sorrow that follows the ghast.

But no greater pain could ever be caused
than all the pain of having to carry on.

‘March on’ they say
‘it will all get better’

But oh no, my friend,
it does not for the clever.

For the clever it lies, sitting and waiting,
until it seizes the mind, all for its own taking.

The ones who will think are the ones who will feel
true pain and sorrow, know the struggle is real.

For what we lack on our faces, we feel in our hearts,
the clever that is, feel pain from the start.

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