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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star - Chapter Thirty-Two

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      Within  a matter of moments, the CHTHNONIAN was at full, psychic capability to

complete his three part plan of revenge.

     The first part, already begun, having the Primae, totally fooled, thinking her

plan of using the Leukan's regenerative ability would make a difference.

     He would allow her to think this way while the other two aspects of his revenge

plan were brought to fruition.

     The next stage, deception, would utilize a form of shadow mind control that had

already been created and maintained by him and his CHTHNONIAN "brother.  Case in point,

the illusion of the black ship that was used to allow them to close in on the two

ships that had entered their realm of influence- namely this island. It had been a

simple matter for them to overwhelm most of the crew members until only those, now,

captive to bear witness to this dual triumph -the destruction of the Primae and the

beginning of the plan for complete control of this planet remained.

     The version, now, would be of warriors that would only reside in all their minds

(except the Levian but he had been handled before as evident from his missing limbs).

     There would be different variants of THE SHADOWS to add to the chaos.

     Lastly, the most important key plan item, the felling of the one who the Primae

should still care to help.

     With these thoughts, now, turning into actions, and hopefully, the assistance of

his "brother", the CHTHNONIAN released THE SHADOWS and prepared to kill his chosen


     Akromas and Paldor saw the formation of THE SHADOWS. They attempted to warn the

others but with no success. Everyone else but Idon were engaged in other matters

pertaining to the plan or saving their own lives.

     The two Keths, in their minds' eyes, watched as THE SHADOWS transformed from

wavering, smoke-like wraiths to solid, Sapen forms. Upon seeing this, they, both,

brought their steel staffs to the combat position and began to engage their

imagined foes.

     Akromas noted before he engaged that Idon was already moving towards the area

that A'th'n, Soru, and Neith were positioned.

     Paldor heard Idon's warning but noticed that it was not quick enough.

     Both Keths noticed, as Idon neared the three, that one of them grabbed her head

in pain then fell upon the floor.
     After all of these actions, the two Keths were too involved in their own survival

to see what happened next.

     Soru brought her plain, wooden staff up to battle position as she had been taught

by the ALLIAN.  She had done this because she had heard another anguished cry from


     This cry made Soru anxious. She started to glance around for any hostility.

     She was relieved when she noticed that Neith had followed her to take up a

position on the other side of  A'th'n, with her cutlass drawn.

     Both of them had just come to preparedness when THE SHADOWS appeared amongst


      Soru struck as she had been taught, full on and with all her strength.

      She waited for the feel of solid contact against her foe.

      It never came.

      Her staff seemed to encounter empty air.

      Momentarily, perplexed, she tried again and again to engage the shady beings that

stood before her.

      With her frustration beginning to turn towards fear, Soru turned towards A'th'n

for guidance, when it happened.

      Soru heard a low moan of pain emanating from where Neith, her cutlass at ready,

began to engage THE SHADOWS.

      Soru abandoned her turn towards the Primae to witness Neith drop her cutlass,

grab the sides of her head in a grip of pain, then fall to the ground, motionless.

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