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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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soul mates

Yes you have guessed it, Im not a big fan of tatoos but who is?

What are the negatives of tattoos?

When your looking for work, you have to consider that some employers will not give
you a job, if you have a tattoo that's obvious and showing, it can be difficult
to cover them, so if you are considering getting a tattoo, don't because you will end
up regretting it.

I have many friends, who regret having tattoos and wish they were more like me and
have none at all, but like acohol and drugs it's an addiction, once you have one tattoo
you want more and more, until your covered in ink and you look in the mirror and you see
how ugly your body looks and realise, how expensive it is to get them removed and you
are stuck with all this ink for life.

I really wish that celebrities like Jody Marsh and David Beckham can read my poem,
but it's too late to save them, because they are already covered in ink.
As for anybody else who is thinking of getting a tattoo, think again
because it's impossible to get them off, just ask James Arthur?

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