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Muzzammil Manzoor Muzzammil Manzoor
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Obituary of a Planet

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soul mates

Dedicated to DarkRose101, bitemarks, Wage, and Alexandria and all the others on Chatzy! Love y'all! // Contrasting with my other poem, "Of Torn Clouds", this one is quite straightforward, and has a consistent rhyming pattern. It's not particularly striking poetry, but nevertheless, is a tad touching.

I loved them when they first set foot on me,
Full of vibrance, Adam and Eve.
God's newest gift ; a blessing it seemed to be,
I made myself their bountiful host, lest they should leave.

I loved them.

They grew, expanding over me, exploring my surface,
Looking to the distant stars for guidance.
I still sustained them, surprised them with my grace,
Whilst they revered Zeus and the lords of the tridents.

But oh, I still loved thee.

And now, my clear blue lungs are choked with smog,
My bountiful skin laid to waste,
My very eyes blinded by toxic fog -
And my harrowed veins explored and ground to waste.

I still love them.

The universe mocks my existence,
The heavens scoff at my condition,
They all think me under false pretence-
But only God truly knoweth my mission.

For I love them, now and always.

I am their mother.

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