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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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How hypocrisy flourishes in politics and war.

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Stop senseless wars !

How hypocrisy flourishes in politics:
During the Viet Nam conflict, America dropped thousands of napalm bombs on enemy positions, killing hundreds, some of the victims were civilians. America spread Agent Orange over millions of acres of forest, disregarding known effects of the chemical on civilian populations and our own troops. Is that not chemical warfare?
Now Obama wants to bomb Syrian forces for using chemical agents?
Why is it OK if America uses chemical warfare?
American military analyst say that bombing Syria serves no tactical purpose. If no purpose is served, then why should we spend millions of dollars to carry out that mission when we could use the money to help rehabilitate our young men and women who lost arms and legs in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan militants? War is about money...always has been, always will be. Call or email your congressmen and senators and tell them we do not want more war, unless our nation is attacked again.

If you are remotely interested in why I am "Anti-War", please read Andrew J. Bacevich's book, Breach of Trust. In it, he tells the world that America's military power is all controlled by Washington's politics, not the will of the American People. When I say, "I support the troops, but I do not support the reason we are in the Middle East", Bacevich explains that much better than I can.

Breach of Trust is indeed the truth behind America's Military-Industrial-Political influence on foreign policy.

In one chapter the author explicitly details how an "all volunteer" army is the most uneconomical way to fight a war. The corruption and greed prevalent in upper echelon military personnel (to further their military careers and to get rich doing so) and so called "Service Contractors" might not be as prevalent if the citizens of this country had more "skin in the game". Interestingly enough, as the author points out, more than a few of the "Service Contractor" companies were founded and are staffed by ex-military generals, admirals and other high ranking officers.

The war-time monies available to the military-industrial complex are skimp during peace time. Even minor skirmishes here and there are not extremely profitable, a continued war on an unknown enemy "TERROR" was invented by the G.W. Bush administration in order to send our troops off in search of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, for an unknown, extended period of time, thus making the money tree grow higher and higher for easy pickings by corrupt top politicians, top military leaders, and top industrialist.

One date that continually crops up in this book (as a turning point in foreign policy) is 9/11. That is when the Washington "in crowd" decided that it was safe to engage in a war once again without an outcry from the people. The coincidental "attack" by "terrorists" leads many conspiracy theorists to believe that it might have been TOO coincidental. (Reviewer's opinion, not attributed to author).

Anyone with any sense of patriotism at all should read this book and realize that war is about money. It always was, is now, and always will be. I'm sure that Mr. Bacevich will come to that conclusion eventually, if he hasn't already. A call to arms is a breach of trust unless that call is to defend our own shores or to establish domestic tranquility. This review is primarily the reviewer's take on the situation, not necessarily the author's.

Review written for Breach of Trust and published on 9/14/13  DLY

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