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The twist - I hope he will clear it up that he is a taken man. Poor Kelly.

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Kiss Me Again... (Chapter 7)

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Chapter 7

Brandon finished his studies for the day and was excited to check out 2 apartments close by the campus. He had made arrangements to visit each apartment and made appointments with 2 separate landlords with an hour between the first and second viewing.  He pulled into the drive of the first address. The building was older but seemed to be fairly well maintained. It was a bachelor apartment for $500.00 per month (utilities included). Although the place was very small, it was already furnished with modest furniture which included a futon and small kitchen table and a couple of chairs, as well as a small TV and stand. The washroom was small but adequate. In any case, the space was about the same as what the dorm room offered minus the roommate and that was a big plus. The landlord was eager to rent the space and seemed not be too worried about any paperwork or credit checks.

The second building was much newer and was a 1 bedroom unfurnished unit. This building had laundry facilities on-site in the basement. The apartment was located on the third floor and there was an elevator which would make it much easier for moving in. The unit was clean with 5 appliances. The bathroom had a bath tub and a separate shower stall. In addition, the space offered a separate bedroom space and living area. There was no kitchen table, but the kitchen did have a breakfast bar. He would need to purchase a bed, and a couch and perhaps a TV sometime down the road or maybe he could bring the one from his bedroom at home. All utilities would be included. Cable, Internet and Phone were all a part of the package but the price would be $650.00 and he would have to complete all of the necessary paperwork and it could be 2-3 weeks before he heard whether or not he would be accepted as a tenant. The price was a bit high but he liked the conveniences in the building and the extra space as well as the idea of using his own furniture that no one else had used before him.  He completed the paperwork and left a cheque for deposit in the event that his application was accepted.  He also noted that he was close to a plaza which was just a couple of blocks up the road. He could see it from the view of the apartment.

Brandon thanked the landlord and hoped that he would hear back soon. Next he set out to check out the plaza. Perhaps he would find a job opening in one of the stores or restaurants. This could be a really great set-up for him. Things were looking up.

As he entered the driveway to the plaza, he noticed that there was a Home Depot and he thought to himself, “how perfect is this!” As an architectural student with experience in the lumber yard back home. He felt that he was a perfect fit for a job with them. He parked the car and entered the store. He immediately went to the service desk and asked to see a hiring manager.  An attractive brunette appeared before him with a smile. “Hi, my name is Charlotte. I’m the hiring manager. How can I help you?” Brandon extended his hand to her and gave her the best smile he could offer. He explained that he was an Architectural Student who was looking to move into the apartment building down the street and that he was looking for a part-time job.

Charlotte was taken with Brandon immediately and even better, she lived in the very same building. She asked when he would be moving in. 1 comment

“Well actually, I’ve just applied for tenancy on the third floor but would have to wait until my application has been approved.”

She went on to say that she was on very good terms with John, “the landlord” and would be happy to put in a good word for him. “Can you start tomorrow night at 5pm?” Charlotte asked

“Uh really? Uh sure I can. This is great; I can’t thank you enough!” Brandon was so relieved. He had achieved everything in just a day. Fingers crossed, he would hear back from the landlord quickly and get out of the dorm.

Charlotte handed him some paperwork to complete and asked him to hand it back in at the service desk when it was complete and she would see him tomorrow at 5.

Brandon returned to his car and decided that he would quickly go and check out some furniture at IKEA. He grabbed a bite in the restaurant at IKEA and then set out to find a bed, a desk, some bar stools for the breakfast counter and an office chair. He wasn’t ready to purchase anything just yet but he wanted to check out the prices and set a proper budget for his furnishings.

It was just after 9pm when Brandon got back to his dorm room to find an intimate party going on in his room. He also noted that his own bar fridge had been raided and there was some strange guy on his bed with a girl.

Brandon was furious! He glared across the room at Jason and then turned his attention back to the couple making out in his bed. “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BED NOW!”

The two got up and immediately left the room. The rest of the people started to leave as well. After 10 minutes time, only Jason and Brandon were left in the room.

Brandon let in to him, “What the hell is wrong with you Jason? Don’t you have any consideration for my things and my space? My Fridge has been raided, my bed has been used for a make out session and you allowed it! You make me sick! Why are you even here? Do you even want the education you came here for? Well I’ve worked hard to get here and I want to get somewhere in life and I need some peace and quiet so I can get my work done. With any luck, I’ll be out of here in a week and you can have all the parties you want. Just do me a favor and stay out of my way."

Jason was left standing there with his mouth hanging open. He didn’t think Brandon had any balls to stand up to him but he had been wrong. He said nothing. He just shut off the music and left the room.

Brandon sat down on the edge of his bed when his phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hello Brandon Hall?”

“Yes, this is Brandon”

“Hi, it’s John, the landlord. You came to see the one bedroom on the third floor earlier this evening. It’s yours if you want it. You can move in on the weekend as long as the cheque clears okay?”

“Wow! Great Thanks.”

“But you will need to book the elevator for move in and that will cost you another $50.00 to book the elevator. You will get it back when you’re finished moving in provided there is no damage done to the elevator okay?” said John.

“Sure, thanks again!” Brandon couldn’t believe his luck and just in time too. This arrangement at the dorm just wasn’t working for him at all!

Brandon would have to thank Charlotte tomorrow.

He quickly texted Kelly to let her know what he was up to.


Only a few more days with Jason Denning and he would be a free man. Free to study, free to be with his girlfriend with complete privacy and he had an income now too!


Bleep, Bleep

Kelly was in the tub when she heard the message come across her cell phone. She wondered who the message was from. She got out of the tub briefly and reached across to the counter and read the message from Brandon.

She quickly typed a message back to him:


She placed the phone on the ledge next to the tub and climbed back into the warmth of her bath and waited.

Bleep, Bleep


She read the message and fired back another message:


She waited.

Bleep, Bleep


This was exactly what she had been worried about.


She waited again.

Bleep, Bleep


She read the message
She would love to visit him in his new place. Would her parents allow it though?


She waited

Bleep, Bleep


She answered back


Kelly turned her thoughts back to that wonderful night with Brandon on the beach and became excited at the thought of their next encounter. She also thought about the necessity for birth control measures. The last thing they needed now was an unwanted pregnancy. This was something she wasn’t quite ready to talk about with her mother yet and certainly not her father. She knew that her doctor would insist that she speak to her parents first but if Kelly persisted, then the doctor would have to comply with her request.

She would have to talk to Brandon about temporary protection until her 18th birthday. She really didn’t want her parents involved and she didn’t want to put her doctor in a difficult position either.

She put her mind back to that evening on the beach as she allowed a new excitement to build within her as the powerful images that memory provided played out in her mind. Her body responded with an unyielding appetite for pleasure. A secret interlude and silent seduction of herself.

Kelly drained the tub and dried off and slipped into her silky nightgown. She had had a long day with her best friend. She received great news from Brandon. She had just experienced great personal pleasure and now she yearned for a sleep full of sweet dreams. Her life was making sense again.

Goodnight Brandon she whispered and she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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