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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again... (Chapter 8)

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.


Kelly awoke bright in early in the morning. She was excited to hear from Brandon today and learn more about his apartment and his new job. She was also very curious about how the meeting went between her parents and the Dunns.  The meeting between her parents hadn’t come up last night and it made Kelly even more curious.  She brushed her teeth and threw on her housecoat and walked barefoot down to the kitchen where she found her father reading the newspaper. Laura had not yet come down from her slumber so it was just Kelly and her Dad.

“Morning Dad. Would you like some tea? I’m going to make myself a cup.” Asked Kelly

“Sure, twist my arm. I’ll join you for a cup” said Wayne.

“So did you meet Chance?” Kelly treaded carefully on the subject she was so eager to hear about.

“Yes. You’re right. He’s cute as a button!” Wayne smiled, but then quickly dropped the subject.

Kelly was left feeling a little awkward with pushing any further so she busied herself with filling the kettle and taking out tea bags, spoons and cups and setting the table with milk and sugar.

It was only a couple of minutes before Laura entered the kitchen. “Morning Mom” said Kelly as she reached into the cupboard for another cup and saucer for her mom.

“Good Morning Missy”, said Laura.

Laura picked up the conversation that had just been ended and began to fill Kelly in on all of the details of their visit with the Dunns while Kelly listened intently.

Wayne watched his daughters’ keen interest on the subject and wondered what his daughter was thinking. He wasn’t going to let anything slip past him again without his knowledge. Kelly was his little girl, his angel. He wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her if he could help it.

Kelly learned that the meeting was very casual and tentative. She learned that the majority of the visit was centered on Chance. She knew that the novelty of Chance would soon wear off and that Scott and her Dad would have to talk about the past. It scared her to think what might come out in their next conversations but she also wondered what Lisa and Scott were both thinking. Kelly’s mom was always open and honest with Kelly so she believed that if Lisa opened up to her Mom, Kelly would find out about it soon enough.

Kelly lightened Wayne’s mood when she changed her conversation to Brandon. “So Brandon texted me last night when I was in the bath. He’s moving off-campus in to a 1 bedroom apartment. He said his roommate is a big party-er and he can’t take it. He wants me to come visit him and see his apartment. Would it be alright if I go and visit him? He’s moving in this weekend” Kelly waited

“Oh Wow. Would you stay with him in his apartment?” Laura asked.

“Sure, I guess so. Where else would I stay?” Kelly seemed surprised.

“I think that would be a great idea for you to go and see Brandon. Maybe your mother and I could tag along and help Brandon move in. We could stay at a nearby hotel.” Said Wayne

“Well I guess that would be okay. I have to just talk to Brandon first. He got a new job too. He’s going to call me later to update me on everything. I’ll let you know what he says.” Kelly thought it was all a bit too easy the way her Dad jumped at the chance for her to see Brandon again.


Brandon woke up and showered and left the dorm before Jason even opened his eyes. With any luck, Brandon could avoid him until he could move out. He went to classes and finished up just after lunch. He would start his job at Home Depot at 5pm. He had a few hours to kill before work so he headed to the library to go over his days’ notes and then he would call Kelly and touch base.  Not even his mother knew what he was up to.

It was about 3pm when he left the Library and dialed Kelly.

“Hello? Brandon is that you? Kelly asked

“Yep, yours truly. I have so much to tell you! I sure miss you out here”

“Brandon, what happened with Jason? He seemed so quiet when we first met him?”

“Well let’s just say that he likes to party and doesn’t care much about school and I can’t live with him in my room!” Brandon was reluctant to tell her everything. “But the good news is that I found a new place and I got a job at Home Depot just up the street from my new apartment. I start work at 5 O’clock tonight. I move in on Saturday but I have to buy some furniture from Ikea first.”

“My Mom and Dad want to help us move you in this weekend. They said they would get a hotel nearby and that I could stay with you. Would you be okay with that?” asked Kelly
“Sure. That would be great!  Do you think you could bring my TV from my room at home? I’ll call my Mom and let her know too. Maybe she will want to come out and stay at the hotel too? Brandon was excited about the possibility of home coming to him.

“Do you want me to call your Mom for you since you’ll be working?” Kelly asked.

“No, I better give her all of the news or she’ll be upset that it didn’t come from me” Brandon was sensitive to his mothers’ feelings knowing that she would feel left out otherwise. “I love you Kelly. I’ll talk to you again with all of the details. I’ll be in touch.”

“Okay Brandon. I love you too. Talk to you soon!” Kelly hung up the phone. She was full of excitement about the coming weekend. Just one more day and the weekend would be upon them.


Brandon hung up the phone with Kelly and then immediately call his mom to give her the news.

Sandra picked up immediately recognizing her son’s cell number. “Brandon is that you? I’m so glad to hear from you? How is everything

“Mom? Yes it’s me. I’m good. I have lots to tell you. I got a job and I’ve rented an apartment off-campus.”

“What? Why would you do that? What happened? Is everything ok?” Sandra could barely focus on the conversation as she imagined all of the things that may have happened.

“Mom! Let me talk for a minute and I’ll explain everything. Jason turned out to be a real jerk is only interested in partying and getting laid and I happened to be witness to all of it and I’ve had enough. I decided that I would get a job and place where I can be on my own so that I can study and get good grades in school so that I can come out at the top of my class. I can’t have naked women walking around my dorm room while I’m trying to study or sleep. They raided my fridge, made out in my bed and I’ve just had enough of it all! Anyways, I start my job in a few minutes and I move into my apartment this weekend.

I’ve already talked to Kelly and invited her to come visit me this weekend. Her parents are coming too and staying in a hotel and I thought maybe you would like to join the party and help me get moved into my new place too. I thought I could bring my TV from my room at home for the apartment here. What do you think? Brandon paused

“Well, I guess I could come this weekend. Are you sure I won’t just be in the way? Sandra was sulking a little at being the last to find out but she would get over it quickly.

“Mom, everything has happened so fast and Kelly and I text every day. It’s the only reason she knew before you. Please don’t be mad that I didn’t tell you first” Brandon felt bad now.

Sandra smile to herself as she realized her childish reaction. Her son was all grown up and of course he spoke to his girlfriend first. After all, she was the centre of his world now. “I’m sorry Brandon. Sure I’ll be there. I love you!”

“I love you too Mom. I’ll talk to you soon okay?”

“Bye son. Thank you for calling.” Sandra marveled at how quickly her son had grown up and become a man. Right before her eyes before she hadn't even realized it, the boy in him was gone.

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