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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Under the Double Star - Chapter Thirty-Four

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      It was, both, Idon's roar of rage and his newfound attribute of loyalty that

caused his downfall.

     When he had come alongside Neith's body and saw no movement; he, mistakenly,

assessed she was dead.

     In this wrongly conceived idea, he wished only one thing to avenge the demise of

the only Sapen who had treated him as an equal.

     With both, his vocalized rage, and his charging towards the CHTHNONIAN, the

CHTHNONIAN had time to prepare for his approach.

     However, in preparing for this act of vengeance, the CHTHNONIAN had to ease up

and release both the Leukan he was using in keeping the Primae at bay, and the

Sapen who he had hoped would have the Primae become careless. He hoped he could

eliminate this minor threat and re-engage his mind control on each.

     Idon made it no nearer than a few arm lengths before the CHTHNONIAN, easily,

overpowered him.

     As Idon prepared to tackle the killer of his friend, his opponent turned his gaze

upon him and concentrated with all his psychic might.

     The first parts of Idon to fall away were his two remaining arms as the

CHTHNONIAN, mentally, with a deft skill, severed them from his torso, causing his

wounds to bleed profusely.

     Such was Idon's rage and desire to reach his tormentor that these mortal injuries

did nothing to stop his advance. It did make him remember how it was this very method

that had been utilized in the maiming of his previous two arms. In the earlier

assault, his arms had been cauterized swiftly for no blood loss.

    Idon felt the terrific pain during the removal of his present arms but continued to

barrel forward in an attempt to pin the CHTHNONIAN to the cell floor.

    His misguided effort would be, both, his death and his triumph since his actions

would assist the others in defeating the CHTHNONIAN.

     Idon's death came as he was beheaded.

     However, his body's momentum was sufficient to carry his still enormous body far

enough in its lunge to complete the pinning.

     Perra, now, in complete dominance of the souls that made up her possessed body,

became aware of the shift in the CHTHNONIAN's psychic attack from the Leukan and the

Sapen to the rampaging Levian.

     She witnessed the maiming then beheading of the  Levian as he charged forward

toward the CHTHNONIAN.

    It was at the moment of this valiant action , that Perra summoned the souls to

begin her redemption.

   Perra saw the dead torso fall upon the CHTHNONIAN pinning him, with its massive

weight, to the cell floor long enough for her to take the action.

   The action was one of her placing her hand upon the back of the fallen foe and

commanding the souls within her to merge with the ones that were his makeup.

    She commanded they should solidify his form as they had done hers.

    F'lisa did not understand why the pressure upon her body had gone from full,

crushing assault to almost normal.

     She remembered the easing of one of the pressures, along with the reassuring

voice in her head.

    It was the CHTHNONIAN's release that was puzzling.
    She remembered how close another one of her lives had come to being almost

extinguished .

    F'lisa was thankful for this then wondered why the Primae spoke to her in her head

that it was now time for the plan's completion.

     As she tried to make sense of this, the Primae continued, " It is time to charge

the CHTHNONIAN with your claws bared. It is time to stop his madness by ending his


     Though F'lisa did not comprehend why this action was necessary, she ran forward

with her claws fully extended.

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