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Abhishek Gowda Abhishek Gowda
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She had a friend.

We believe in what we never saw. God potray themselves as the creator of universe. This somewhere makes logic because we still dont exactly know how this universe works or who were the first one to step on this planet earth. No wonder if they are gods still why did they distributed people in different sections.

I claim gods to be the greatest politicians of all time. Each god somehow wants people to follow them. But why?? why ?? Are they profiting something from us like our soul, luck etc...
If legends say God is one.. then why every gods teachings differ. Did some God realized the profit they can make by making people to follow them. Was it like if we die our soul will be forced to serve them for eternity. If they arrive here for mankind why they made it so complicated like Islam. They had something different going on in their mind and thats for sure. They are playing games. They are collecting our votes to rule something may be earth, other planetary system or the entire universe. When it comes to magic no wonder they can do because that was the time where it was common. If it was not then how come soo many gods evolved. Was the biggest secret to rule universe got leaked. If they are soo powerful to create universe then why they want people to follow them. They could set us free from this material world for no loss. But they wont because they want our soul to serve them.


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