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Jessica Benton Jessica Benton
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Never Shall I Forget

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soul mates

This is based on Elie Wiesel's poem "Never Shall I Forget". I borrowed some of his lines to help aid my poem.      This poem is dedicated to my late best friend Parker Booth. I love you Parker.

Never shall I forget that day
That first day without you.
Which has turned my life into one empty space ,
Seven times laughed and seven times cried.
Never shall I forget your smile
Never shall I forget the face of my best friend and big brother
Whose heart was accepting and friendly.
Beneath my broken heart
Never shall I forget those tears
Which fell each night.
Never shall I forget those moments
Which helped make you unique
And made my love for you grow stronger.
Never shall I forget these things,
Even if I am forced to live without you.
As long as God himself lives.

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