Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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the kings the kings is redundant...s/b king's servant

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Behind Throne

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23
Under the Double Star - Chapter One

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

The oak wood split as the sword jammed itself into the tree, Bydern fought for his love as she was caved in by knights. Blood and guts spilling like a fresh smoothie on a winters day. Birds were nowhere to be seen, but one raven who flew by every couple of hours.
"Beck, give up you bastard!" King Orin shouted as he charged towards Beck with his freshly made sword, his armour clanged like a hammer hitting metal. Knights' bodies were chopped into pieces as Orin continued to run forwards. Charging towards Beck, King Orin swung his sword once into Beck but in a flash Beck reacted with a clang to each others swords, left, right, left right they continued to battle this out. Knights were long gone, this was the battle of two men fighting for their kingdoms. Beck took one big swing with his destroyed shield into King Orin's head which caused him to fall backwards, dizzy and eyesight now blurry.
"Orin!!!!" Bydern shouted running towards Beck and throwing him to the floor, continuously stabbing him in the heart with his sword, a sound was nowhere to be heard, no whisper, neither no army. Just three peasant's who battled their lives to save their kingdom.
"Are you all okay?" Orin asked jumping up off the dusty ground and wiping his armour over.
"Yes, m'lord" Teresse replied giving a slight bow.
"Please, call me Orin. You're going to be married to my brother soon" King Orin replied as Teresse and Bydern smiled at each other.
"Let's get back on our horses, it's not safe here" Bydern said looking up at the pure white clouds  which were now turning black.
They all got back onto their horses and rode back to the kingdom. 5 comments

"My fellow people of Tarvin, we won the battle! WE WILL FIGHT TO WIN!!!" King Orin shouted to his people. Cheers of joy were sent around the kingdom, knowing this was the end of terror and pain.
The cold throne was seated well, by a true king. This kingdom was his, and he was going to make sure he kept it this way.
Hours went by of joy and peace making, but the king had bought more and more terror to his brother Bydern and his fiancée Teresse.
King Orin gulped up his wine before his servant came charging in.
"More wine m'lord?" the kings servant asked as he held the jug of cold fresh wine in his hand.
"Are you stupid? Are you trying to get me drunk BOY? IS THAT IT?!" King Orin asked as he slapped the wine out of his hands as it spilled over the floor.
"I..I'm sorry m'lord" the boy begged for mercy as he picked up the now empty jug.
"Clean it up, or I'll get your head cut off faster than you pray to your gods!" King shouted as he slapped the boy one more time in his head.
He ran out of the room before running back with a wet sponge and a bucket full of water.
"Hurry boy, it's going to stain you little rascal" King carried on moaning to the servant like he was a useless chew toy ready to be thrown away.
"Y...yes m'lord, I'm.. trying m'lord." the boy mumbled scrubbing the floor.
"He's not a toy Orin, he's your servant" Bydern says standing up.
"Oh really? BOY! STAND UP!" the King shouted and as faster than before the servant stood up dropping the sponge.
"Turn around 3 times and close your eyes you little shit!" King Orin spoke, the boy looked at the king confusingly before nodding and did exactly what the king said.
Bydern stormed out with his wife holding his hand and slammed the door shut.
"Now carry on cleaning, and fetch me more wine. I'm dying of thirst!" King Orion shouted to the boy while laughing. 1 comment

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