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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Under the Double Star - Chapter Thirty-Five

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      Both Keths, Akromas and Paldor, using their minds' eyes, were fully engaged with


     Even though, it had originally appeared that THE SHADOWS had Sapen

substance, the truth was revealed as a still swirling inner core that evaded all their

assaults and made any defensive motions futile.

     It was as Paldor perceived a slight difference in their physical makeup, one he

was attempting to take full advantage of by changing his steel shaft's trajectory that

Akromas countered his swing.

     Paldor looked, quizzically, at his mentor.

     Akromas spoke, "Remember why we are here, Paldor. The directive established by the

council. Have you forgotten our reason to be here. The rules of engagement state...

We are only to assist any event, up to the designated timeline before it

fractures. That signifying, defining moment is before us. Our sworn task, now, is

to cease all participation and only observe. As much as we would desire it we cannot

change a world's destiny or any event, such as this, that shape it. We must allow the

event to proceed as ordained."

     Momentarily, it seemed that Paldor was going to defy both the directive and his

mentor; then he looked at Akromas and lowered his staff to his side.

      Both, Akromas and Paldor sought out a position away from the immediate area of

what was transpiring around them to follow their watch and confirm.

     As they moved away, THE SHADOWS ceased to be.

     Paldor and Akromas sat up by a nearby wall to lean their staffs against it and

commenced to watch as the third most significant event (after the arrival of the Primae

and the unfortunate creation of the CHTHNONIANS) in this world's history unfolded.

     Perra was amazed at how fast the CHTHNONIAN was solidifying. His wispy, gossamer

form was becoming more Sapen.

     She felt through his evolving flesh his attempt to repel her efforts.

     Perra saw him turn his gaze from the Sapen captain, Neith,  back to her. Also, she

saw his momentary confusion as he wondered why his "brother" was assaulting him.

     This break in his concentration released Neith from her paralysis to such a

degree that she stood up, pulled forth her cutlass and turned her rage into action as

she ran over to pierce the CHTHNONIAN's chest.

      Also, Perra noticed her diminutive, ALLIAN sister,Soru come forward from her

position alongside the Primae to bring her staff into the fray. Perra observed Soru

bring her staff up to fight stance then spun it until it connected squarely on the

still transforming CHTHNONIAN's chin, having his head slam against the cell's floor.

     With her enhanced psychic connection to the almost defeated CHTHNONIAN, she

saw how the Primae kept up her steady energy to hasten the disruption of all the

CHTHNONIAN's mental and psychic capabilities. Also, she watched as F'lisa, with her

claws, fully extended, moved towards the downed being to engage him.

     To Perra's perception, it appeared that the CHTHNONIAN's existence was over.

     For she saw how he could not fend off all of the attacks against him, her

repeated changes to his physical structure while the others continued to assault him

physically, mentally and psychically with energy, wielded weapons and natural defenses

were taking a mortal toll upon all his resources.

    As she sought further she sensed  that he was barely attempting a defense.

    It was chaos for him as three races of the planet meted out just retribution.

    The Leukan, F'lisa, repeatedly thrust her five inch claws deep into the still

forming flesh of the CHTHNONIAN. Her efforts, again and again, ripping upwards to twist

and gouge every inch of his tortured body.

    The Sapen captain, Neith, plunged her cutlass up to its hilt, continuously as she

had to allow her rage to abate.

    Then, Perra witnessed an act of the Primae's she never thought the Primae would do.

    It must not have been enough to incapacitate his energy. It seemed she wished to

remove all traces of his very existence.
    The Primae reared back one of her devastating lethal talon hands to strike the

CHTHNONIAN right where a Sapen's forehead should be. Perra watched as the CHTHNONIAN

reared back from the cruel blow. Two things indicated it was over. He grew very still.

A massive tattoo, opposite the teardrop under her eye, covered half of the Primae's


     Perra knowing that her manipulations were not needed any longer, stopped the

spirits from generating the CHTHNONIAN's flesh.

     She was in the process of thanking all the spirits that aided her and prepared to

keep her promise of releasing them when it happened.

     The unexpected blast came with such intensity that it bowled over everyone within

its radius. The effect upon Perra was devastating.

    When Idon's body fell to pin the CHTHNONIAN, unexpectedly, to the cell's floor, all

of his calculated plans went awry. His body was pinned in a matter that allowed only

what could be considered his upper body visible to any attacks. His partially pinned

arms allowed him to barely keep his head high enough off the floor to keep it from

slamming hard upon it.

    His concentration pinning the Primae's Sapen sister down was interrupted. It was

such that he could see her rapidly recovering and attempting to regain her feet. The

look of ultimate rage on her face spoke volumes. Her drawing of her cutlass indicated

what her intent for him was to be.

    In his efforts to reconnect his energy he found he was not only blocked in his

attempt to reengage but his wispy, gossamer spectral body was solidifying almost to

the completeness of a Sapen.

    Before he could rethink this strategy, he was under savage attack from multiple

sources. Because they were insignificant to him outside their races he had not bothered

learning their names.

    The Primae had successfully halted most of his psychic manipulations by countering

any control he may have had. Also, it appeared she was driving his psyche further into

the oblivion that had been previously utilized on all his other "brothers". It seemed

to be of such voracity that she was safeguarding that his race would be no more. He

never expected her to follow up her psychic assault with such a vicious attack into his


    The multicolored dressed Sapen must have saw how he was solidifying. She had

brought her staff up to bear. She commenced spinning it to end with a savage uppercut

to his chin, driving his head closer towards the ground.

    The Leukan came at him, claws bared, to rend  his Sapen like body with great flesh

tears that bled profusely until he was close to unconscious. The true savagery of her

race was in full display with every bit of flesh her bloody claws revealed.

     His imminent demise was close at hand. His last rational thought was why had he

been betrayed by his "brother". He had sensed that his brother was not dead but why had

he turned. It was too bad he would never learn the answer.

      When the Primae's savage blow to his forehead had connected, the CHTHNONIAN had

been in the process of countering the solidification of his form.

      As he found out he had not been quick enough.

      While his solidifying body was dying he summoned all his remaining psychic energy

into one last, defiant effort.

      As his life energy began to wane, he went completely still. Every fiber of his

being ceased all conscious action.

    "One last time," he thought.

     He relaxed until it appeared he was dead. All motion ceased.

     When he felt that everyone around him would feel he was gone he unleashed his

surprise. His final act of defiance.

      His last savagely built up burst of energy rocked everyone who was close to him.

      It rendered them all, momentarily, incapacitated but destroyed Perra's

CHTHNONIAN body to its core.

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