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Jessica Benton Jessica Benton
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She had a friend.

There is a calming tone to the sound of the slowly moving river that flows alongside the rock upon which I sit. Menacing clouds cover the sun with the threat of rain. A cool breeze blows and I am enveloped in peace. The thought that such a feeling could be brought on by something other than technology would be mind boggling to most. Not me. NO. You see I was raised with little to no technology.
. . .
I’d come home from school, sit at the kitchen counter and do my homework. The second it was done I would dash outside to explore the beauty of nature that surrounded my home. Even though there was little in the small garden of our city house,  it was enough for me. At least enough to tide me over till summer.

In the summer I would explore the acres and acres of wooded elegance that was my grandparents humble abode. Located in the famously gorgeous back woods of Adirondack Park, New York. Everyday I would go and explore what I considered to be “uncharted territory.” I found a quiet place, sitting on a rock somewhere, and spent hours drawing “intricate” maps of my imaginary world. Upon completion of these maps I headed out to find “buried treasure.” My imagination ran wild. Mystical creatures that had been thought up in my head would either help or hinder my adventures.
. . .
As I get older now less and less of my time is spent exploring. I spend most of my summers working at the boat livery or taking barefoot walks through the area. My favorite place to walk is Loon Brook. Inaccessible by car. The only way in or out is by boat. Though treacherous to propellers. It is a beautiful, serene, and hidden natural marvel. I walk for hours, and will take a swim beneath the waterfall. As I walk I think deep thoughts. Thoughts of God and the meaning and purpose of life.

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