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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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I Used To

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soul mates

The things you think about when you start getting old.

I  used to love to play in snow
I used to run every where I'd go
My childhood days went by so slow.
I used to dance till morning's light
I used to party, drink, and fight,
Love with passion, hate with might.
For every lass that passed me by
I used to have a wandering eye
I used to gamble, used to try.
No stream too broad or wall too high.
I'd try it all, I'd do or die.
No word or phrase too hard to write
No shadows scared me in the night
I knew that all would turn out right.
No thought of righteousness or sin.
Get myself up and try again.
And keep on trying till I'd win.
Somehow those days have come and gone
And yet my mind keeps travelling on
all the things I've said and done
All the races that I've won.
And here I sit with pen in hand
Thinking how it's all been grand
And wondering how to start again.

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