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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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soul mates

This poem is about my son,  who used to like balloons, before when he was a baby.

My son Maxwell likes balloons, when he was a baby
now that he is older he has gone off them
I guess it's a phase that we all go through in life
one minute, we like something, the next we don't.

All I can remember was that I couldn't go to town without
seeing a man with balloons and my son saying 'daddy, balloon, balloon.'
My reaction would be, you can't have a ball a balloon, you have already got
balloons at home.
But then he would cry and I would feel bad not buying him a balloon.

It's funny, kids always make you feel bad for not buying them something
so we as parents always change our minds in the end.
I suppose that's life, one minute, we say yes, then the next, we say no.

Looking back at it now, I wouldn't change it for the world, just as long as
I see a smile on his face.

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