Davide Castel Davide Castel
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This is a good sentence and I do believe that angels are forever watching over us, we only need to reach out and they will listen and help.

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Everything Will Be Alright

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I alternately hope and despair for a dear friend who will most likely be in poor health for the rest of his life

Every little shadow in the afternoon
came dancing through the panes
and around the room
They asked for you
I wept “ He’s not feeling well”
“SShhh   it will be alright
We know what it’s like to lose the light”

I led them to a place just beyond my heart
where I go to cry all day.
They said to me “Be still
Close your eyes, time will fly
and everything will be alright”

I had a fleeting thought they might be
angels in disguise,
watching over you and me.
So I did as they bid and fell asleep
far away from dreams. 1 comment

It might have been a thousand years
I’ll never know
I might have lost my mind a thousand times
Every now and then I heard whispering
“Everything will be alright”

And when I found my soul
you were waiting there
brighter than a hunters moon
The music in the sky told the story in your eyes
of love and loss and healing

“Everything will be alright, don’t worry so
When a dream is lost just let it go
Sometimes you  stumble through the shadows
to find the light.
There will be another day for dreams come true
Another night to count the stars.
Be still and be here now
And everything will be alright”

Every little shadow in the afternoon
Took my hand and danced around the room
Then gently vanished to points of light
Beyond the window pane

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