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But I wantm all (to?) (not the?) watch.

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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Who am I?
Why do I exist?
I ask myself these questions daily
       Wanting an answer, needing the answer
But all I receive is my ragged breath, my beating heart, and my pounding blood.
Though never an answer or even a sign

I am not meant to be.
I guess that I've always known this
Deep in my soul I hear a voice telling me:
       "You don't belong"
Then what?
       End my life?
The thought always crept into my mind:

Starring at the mirror
       Watching myself in disgust
       I knew...
       The time was now
The pain and loneliness is unbearable
       But how?
I need it to be simple
       Something that ends this quickly
I can't be saved 1 comment

But I want them all the watch
       The one's who destroyed me
They must watch me end it all
       They need to know my pain
              Know that it is their fault. 1 comment

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