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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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Before the Death of Mark Stoddard - 1

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1. – October 2nd, 2013

       The words stung me like hundreds of wasps. ‘Mark Stoddard, twenty-eight, of Ottawa, On., hit by bus.’ They rolled past the TV screen from one side to the other as an anchor talked; then it switched to a scene of the bus, dent in its windscreen, sitting at the side of the road where the collision happened.

       It could not have happened. Not now. Now when I hadn’t even interviewed him. In the two weeks of my interviewing all of his friends, colleagues, and family, I had not had one chance to get in personal contact with Mark. The thing was, I was doing an article on him. It was the big one – the one I hoped to get an award for in journalistic, non-fiction writing. It was the article that would put my name – Jim Horton – in eyes of real publishers and agents. He couldn’t have died. Not now.

       The reality of this was just uncanny to me.

       On the TV, a reporter went on about how Mark had apparently ran across the road too late to get past the bus; now in an ambulance, the most up-to-date news was that paramedics were not reviving him with any success.

       As it changed back to the anchor who brought up the weather, my phone rang. On my computer, I got an incoming e-mail.

       People were beginning to respond.

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