Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The fulfilled curse caused his doom.

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April Miller April Miller
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He Held Her Heart

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soul mates


He met her one evening in the park.
That turned to many meetings after dark.
Moments filled with laughter, tenderness, joy.
But when asked to be his, she played coy.
She did agree they were happy, a perfect fit.
Loved him true, but her heart she wouldn’t commit.
Flustered, he loved her still and couldn’t let her go.
But his pride was wounded, he wanted yes, not no.
He was determined to change her mind, turned up his charm.
Promised her faithful, eternal love, would never do her harm.
So many times she’d change the subject, she had that knack.
But he persisted, played all his cards, held nothing back.
Till one night she met his eyes, “Why do you have to have it all?
To give you my heart to hold, I’m scared, I’ve had that fall.
If I give my heart, my life, will you, can you always be true?
To cheat would deliver a dark curse no one could undo.”
He wrapped her up in his arms, “I promise to never deceive.
With my life I swear, no other will I touch, please believe.”
Of course she did, she gave her everything to him.
Their nights were bright until his oath began to dim.
He was away from home, lonely, it was nothing, just a fling.
She’d never know, he’d never tell, he felt he was a crafty king.
He came home, took his lady love to bed.
When he opened his eyes, he screamed, out of his head!
They found him like that, still beside her, still screaming.
Her heart in his hand, her chest torn open, gleaming.
Now he sits alone in a padded room.
The full-filled curse caused his doom. 1 comment

                     April Miller
                     Copyright 2013

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