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Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Monsters and Mice

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soul mates

the belief in you has died in me.

Your flaws, failings,
spread before me like jewels of
impossible wealth, your face,
just shy of handsome, an intimate picture
of unfortunate health,
eyes like unwashed seashore stones,
flesh whiter than bleached-dry bones -
alluring in spite of all ill.

Oddly, the imperfection in you
has perfected my attraction,
through and through.
I would run naked in nature for you,
break laws and through doors
blocked with steel for you,
knowing full well you would never
fight for forever for me.

Falling in love is the greatest pity;
it makes a monster of you, and a mouse of me,

echoes somewhere between my ears,
your voice, with the weight of
intervening years, the hope for you that
still could not subdue my
greatest fears

that you might love another
harder, greater, than you loved me.
That the future cracks the seal
set for destiny.

Counting on fingers
past loves that were real,
ones that betrayed what
I thought I could feel,
using your eyes to see reality
while abusing your hands
in forfeit of fantasy.
Your body does not fit mine.
Your ego has outgrown your spine.

I will not go your way.
I will not give you another second
of my strained adoration.
I will become so small
that you won't be able to see me at all.

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