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Madonna Chukwunelo Madonna Chukwunelo
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The Secret

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soul mates

it's kind of tellig the way its feels to know the secret of someone,and how bitter and agonizing it is to spill it out

You felt much better
Confiding in me
Your life,your everything
You entrusted to me
Like a teen girl confides
In her mom

You poured your whole self out
I felt my head in the clouds
How special,so sacred
Like a hanging pumpkin
To a tiny rope
I felt my head so heavy
I had a secret no one else knew

A promise has been made
To keep it in forever
Hours went through days
Days went through weeks and months
It started itching,
The secret kept kicking
Like a foetus,seeking freedom.

What have you given to me
Was i being too curious
I stuck it in,hit myself hard
My inner being struggled
What battle this is.

Am losing it,it's breaking free
I couldn't anymore,am breaking
My promise,spreading like wild fire
Latest news heard
I let it out,was it a great feeling

My head spinned
Blind rage took hold of me
I spilled it, so late
My eyes  turned red
My heart palpitated
How can i win your trust
I can't even look you in the eyes

The numbness of my phalanges
I was going nuts
Can't trust who i spilled it to
Am not a trusted person either
Why should i demand trust
A secret,a secret turn story
No,it's no story but a rumor
It flies so quick,
Like the flash of light
What have i done?
A secret,beautiful to behold
Hard to control,regrettable to expose.

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