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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The raft trip on the Mississippi

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soul mates

Memories of my brother, my cousin, and I, playing on a raft

The raft trip on the Mississippi.  By Don Yarber

It had never been a door
Hanging on hinges in someone's home
It was a place where boys were meant to roam
On a raft trip on the Mississippi.
It had always been a raft floating on summer's stream
Down the Mississippi, holding on to Huck Finn's dream
And three boys in dirty bib overalls, worn at the knees
Swimming in the grass pretending, cutting through the
current with ease.  Climbing back aboard to grab the lines
reeling in huge catfish just in time.
Making a fire to cook the fish on hickory sticks
While scratching at the chiggers and the ticks.
Knowing that the day would have to end
And that the door would be just a door again
We'd say goodbye to Huck and Tom and Jim
Yet wishing that the day would never end.

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