Jim Miller Jim Miller
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This stanza doesn't read smoothly for me.

Sheena Koops Sheena Koops
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This past summer my youngest daughter got left behind at a church after a tea for my parents. She had fallen asleep. For about forty five min once we realized we had all driven home and she wasnt wi t h any of us..... I was so scared. Then when we found her I sobbed so deeply. This line says to me the kind of cry I imagine or maybe can't imagine if a child is really lost. The jarring line. "Lost her child" works for me because there is nothing smooth about the experience. Does that make sense?

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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None but a parent could understand. Yes, in this age of insensibility,the heartbreak of personal loss and how we react to it, says so much about the human condition.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

Sliver of Moon

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soul mates

Just a little something which came to me as I recalled an ancient lullabye.

sliver of moon
rides over stand
of shadowy poplar

Wind cries
like Woman
Lost Her Child 3 comments

ghosts of winter
speechless sentinels
in holy awe

they dread
the night watch
though they may

never say it
only whisper
secret wishes

to warm
the lonely heart
of last summer

go now
sliver of moon
hide on Earth`s other side

until you
become whole again
sliver of moon

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