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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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If you leave me.

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soul mates

If you leave me.     by Don Yarber © March 22, 2014

What will I do if you leave me?

I won't grieve too much  because

it will take time away from remembering

the love we had, the times we spent together.

I won't laugh too much.  Life will be a little harder

and I won't feel like laughing near as much.

I won't eat too much.  How could I enjoy the meals

we shared when you are not here?

I won't drink too much.  Just a glass of wine like we used to.

I won't play too much.  The fun things I do now will not be as fun

as they were when I knew that you'd be waiting

when I came home, tired and hungry after playing golf.

Yet there is just one thing that I will do too much.
I will miss you.  I will miss you way too much.

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