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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Her hidden pain

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soul mates

So young,
so much pain.
The girl hidden inside.
A girl with no name.
A lone little girl,
alive or dead it's all the same.

All anyone see's is.
a painted smile upon her face,
but inches form the surface,
she feels like a waste.
A waste of time, air, life,
and space.

Days drag on.
people cant see what she keeps inside.
She doesn't want them to see,
the internal war she's tried to hide.
So many ask if she's alright.
They don't realize how many times she's lied.

The end is so tempting.
The end is near,
she can feel it,
it's almost here.
It's her first taste of happiness,
and when she's alone in her room she'll shed a tear.

She'll embrace the end,
let it take her away.
You've pushed so much,
she doesn't desire to stay.
You think he's why she's leaving,
but you're the one who's caused her to stray.

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