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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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blue bird

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soul mates

Thanks for constantly reliving my failures. Im already at a  ultimate low. It not like I dont already know. You kill me with words. Can't you see im a wounded bird. You broke my wings and my will. Yet I sit here bleeding still. Every nasty word is a lash in my mind. And to myself I can now never be kind. I hear you whispering to others. This is why I dont want to come out of the covers. With blood on my knuckles and hate in my eyes I just can't keep up this disguise.  Perhaps if you were kinder maybe you would see. Im not as bad as you make me out to be. But you dont care about the real me. You just see a delinquent that should never be free. So you lock me in a cage of self hate. All I want is a clean slate. Yet you hold your grudges and tighten the chains. You are the one that causes all the pain. You tell others of my screw ups and expect them to care. This is why you can't find me anywhere.  So I hide in dark corners alone. And I dont talk not even on the phone. All socialization is cut. I become just a lone mutt.  Im lost in despair. But no one really cares. Those grudges you hold so tight. Thats what is gonna make me lose this fight. Are you proud of what you've become? Forcing me to be numb! But you put your flake smile on and put on a show. Jus so nobody would ever know. Yet you gloat about your so called discipline.  As if it were something to make you win. Your a jerk and that's all there is. Have a nice life. But you are the final knife. My back is filled with so many.  I feel like a rusted overlooked penny. The people you would take a bullet for often end up being the ones to pull the trigger.  Im sad and blue. Blue like my blood. Blue like my eyes. Blue like the ocean. And blue like the skies. Can't I be blue alone tonight?

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