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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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dont love me

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soul mates

dedicated to those who feel they do not deserve love or want it.

Please dont love me. I beg you. I am selfish and unkind. I dont have a heart that you could ever find.

Six feet deep. Thats where my love is. Its burried.  I have no more to give. Im broken and drifting.  My shattered pieces just shifting. I have hate in my eyes and drifting thoughts in the skies. Im lost in self despair. Im not something you can repair. Please dont love me. Because I can't love you true. In all honesty my eyes are for a bird I can never have. Its quite absurd. I can't have any though. I am stuck at a ultimate low. Depression dances through my mind. Dont be surprised of what you find. A battle won or lost. I dont want you to be thrown into the cost. Please dont love me. I can't love you. Love is petti. Demanding and unstable.  I just dont want to place a label.  Forget me. Im a drifting thought simply because I can never be caught. Let me fly. If you love me I become a caged bird. I need to fly havent you heard. The air in my feathers. Can't I just send you a letter. Please if you truly love me. Dont. Im sorry.

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