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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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My Reason To Live

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I wrote this as an additional verse to the Demon Hunter song called "The Tide Began To Rise."

I'm not sure if everyone knows, but there's a war going on,
And the battle is for your soul.
If you think being neutral is an option, You'd better take
a look inside and find out who's in control.
See I've been walking that wire now for 26 years,
Once a heart of gold now gone cold, all alone with my fears.
I've wasted so much time only focused on the pain,
Now the Sun shines all around me, but i'm still soaked from all the rain.
I'm water logged, brain bogged, not sure which way to go.
So God I'm crying out to You! You're the Only One that I know,
Who can turn this sinking ship around,
Pull me out before I drown!
I can't take this anymore!
I feel my soul is fatally torn!
Please God I am begging You, Heal me before I die!
Stitch this ripped up heart before the bleeding has run dry!
And fix these broken wings so I may once again fly!
I want to reach out into the darkness
And speak Your truth into the night.
I'll share the beauty in forgiveness
And use Your word as my guiding light!
I know this is my calling, This is my reason to live,
So Father here's my life, all that is left I will faithfully give!

Matthew Bolding 4/22/14

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