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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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grief the beast

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soul mates

Regret is a powerful thing. It is a monster that will wait in the depths of you mind until night comes. It will then shred and rap in you mind demolishing every thought and dementing any dream.

This monster as taken me as its prisoner. A slave to fight wars with it. But the battle wounds are not only in my mind but on my body as well. This monster tears my flesh as it eats my happiness.

This monster has long skinny pale fingers and yellowed overgrown chipped nails. It has a sickly evil frame. It has eyes black as night with dark defining bags underneath. Paper white wrinkled face. All hair is thinning. This nasty creature smiles revealing its crooked yellow chipped yellow teeth boldly. Its breath is that of death and dark magic. It couches in my mind whispering evil things.

This Beast's voice is slither and cross. Lik nails on a chalkboard it will scream jus as I drift into a blessed sleep waking me terrified.  O grief. You malicious beast. Your killing me. Please release your chains. You will be my death.

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