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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The Rapid Rise and Decline of Multiple Blade Razors

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soul mates

Here's an idea..a wall of blades six feet high.  You lather up, then rub your face up and down the wall.

The Rapid Rise and Decline of Multiple Blade Razors by Don Yarber

Grandpa shaved with an old straight razor
Carefully glided across his chin
Seldom a nick and never a sliver
He used it o'er and o'er again.
My Daddy shaved with a safety razor
Double edged blades from Gillette
It came apart with a twist of the handle
As easy to clean as a razor can get.
Then came the Schick single edged shavers
Widely sold across the land
You could use it over and over
With septic pencil in your left hand.
Then they came out with double blade razors
They claimed to shave you twice as fast
Not to be outdone, the other company
Made one with three blades but soon was passed
By the super duper bladed shaver
Count them, one, two, three and four!
You'd think that if you shaved with it
You'd never need shaving any more.
Once again the competing company
To keep its profit levels alive
Re-designed their three blade razor
Now the danged blades number FIVE!
Where will it end, this war of razors?
Will the blades reach up to ten?
Or will we someday shave with lasers
And never have to shave again?

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