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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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Ch- 2 - They Used To Be The Living

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Chapter 2

       It was happening all over the world. Like a new, unstoppable wave it was flooding through with genuine appeal, infecting the Global ‘Guido’ Population, seeming to make a difference; truly affecting the way the world operates – the way people see the world. Guido’s were getting brighter, smarter...healthier. It was happening in homes all over the world, bright, airy well developed ideas turning into reality. The Guido’s were making it happen, The American Dream, no...The Global Dream...on your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers, in your living room with all the answers, winking you ‘good night,’ kissing your forehead – sweet dreams, cozy tucks and ‘God blesses’ seeing you off to a night of well deserved comfort and rest.  And truly, it was shining through with great praise and fantastic enterprise: freedom, wealth, opportunity and good-natured, playful tumbling. The world was really waking up.

       Commerce was back, a Global Market, selling, buying, equal pay, full-fledged individualism sweeping wide and far over the world with great ideas pouring in from every nation in the world, all screaming for World Peace, all screaming for change – and they were getting it, making it happen, and nothing seemed impossible. The world was back! New, fresh, reinvigorated, well-groomed and shining with positivity! How could anyone resist! It was everywhere! And right this second it was spreading like a good, fresh, wildly-delightful virus, from the happy house wife serving platters of fruit to the new neighbours, “Oh gosh! Hmph...! Not again!” a silly, slightly embarrassed curtsy. “Will you look at that?” a good hearty laugh, “Oh heavens! There goes my ‘Ring’ finger! It went and fell right into your Fruit Salad. Sit tight, I’ll just whip you up another one.”

       “It’s okay dear. It happens. Two of mine fell off during my Business Presentation – at the office in front of the Board of all places!” A quick roll of the eyes, “That was so embarrassing, let me tell you. Luckily we have a great Health Care Plan.”

       “Let me guess, “‘G – Health?’”

       “That’s right! Aren’t they just wonderful?”

       “They are! Jonathan just got new eyes last week. From Blue to Green! I like them even better than his old ones. Aren’t they just great?”

       “Come closer. Let me have a look at those. Ooh...that's amazing! Fantastic! I think I’ll get me some new ones. I’m thinking...brown or black, Indian or Hispanic maybe.”

       A new world was rising up before their very eyes, bright, cheery, happy, safe and unstoppable. It was on Passenger Jets, Cruise Liner’s, on Billboards, brochures in Veggie shops and NEWS stands. The Internet was viral with it, right down to bus stops, cab stands and Subways: ‘Welcome to a Guido Nation! Nothing is better! Equality, Freedom of Choice and Welcomed Individualism!’ And truly, nothing was better. To heck with the old world, the old views, to the old way of living in the shadow of corporations – the Elite and their Global Depopulation Programs, the Geo-engineering Programs spraying over the world everything from illnesses to mercury and Aluminum. To hell with the humans! Gone are the days of their poisoning their own food sources, filling it with genetically modified junk, their Human Enslavement Programs, their keeping us in the dark, lying to us! It was an uprising!  A long deserved Revolution of freedom and happiness, and nothing could stop it!

       It truly was A Guido Nation – lively, charming and genuine, from the Old lady down the street planting her garden to the children playing outside, chasing the dog around the yard, from the kids in the neighbourhood, their once a week camp-overs to retired Grandad’s floating in the pool, sweet cigars and chilled Pina Coladas, living the life. Life was great! Guido’s were out in full force, running, Preaching in Church, Book Clubs, Glee Clubs, Golfing Clubs, Reading Clubs, Rally Clubs, speaking in the streets in front of City Halls and making their change happen, voicing their concerns, a visual representative of the new lifestyle taking place everywhere, posters that read, ‘Veggies NOT Meat!’ ‘Guido’s not Humans.’ ‘Love NOT Hate’ ‘Light Over Darkness!’ that is a beautiful thing. And change was good, and real, and beautiful and here to stay!

       It was the first real, true and enjoyable smile that Torino had had since the day he met Lacey. Since the day he fell in love. Since the day he knew that she was the one.  To the end of the world and beyond, baby... And there she was...Lacey Montrovich, the most beautiful girl in the world, clean, fresh and absolutely stunning, her Blue eyes shining through without worry, a high-spirited smile, joyful and airy – white teeth and cute nose, so adorable. She was singing now, her voice coming across lively, sharp and beautiful! The greatest thing in the world. The greatest, sweetest thing in the world. Absolutely the greatest, sweetest, most precious thing in the world!

       With the suddenness of a broken limb a massive wave of adrenaline blasted through his brain, shattering all sense of safety, his eyes opening wide, his hands instinctively reaching for his Pistol. And like that, effortlessly, the dream disappeared. It wasn’t the putrid smell that broke through his grey and weary wilderness, no, not that. It wasn’t the sound of falling rain, nor the sound of blood-driven depravity nor the wild grunting, the repugnance of the world itself, no. It wasn’t the screaming, wailing or sickly sounds that the Guido’s make that slew his comfort. It wasn’t the sound of a wild horde of rotting bodies racing by that woke him so abruptly, causing him to reach for both his Shotgun and Pistol. No. Although the sound of clashing – violence, murder and mayhem – would wake him regardless, no matter what, there was another element here and now, something different, something he could not quite make out amidst the hundreds of bodies growling and flailing in the street – a mad, chaotic swarm of rampaging Guido’s.

       It was the sound of gunfire, and lots of it, as though the Army had arrived to save the day. But how is that possible? The Army had been gone a long time. And there was no way on or off the Island. No way. Before he could begin to question all possibilities the fighting in the streets stole him back to now – back to the action happening a short distance away: the sounds of screaming bullets meeting rotting flesh. In the early morning, beneath the gloom of the city machine-gun fire ripped through, echoing through the downtown district, mowing down many enemies. Beyond the sound of chaos a certain sound drew him up, forcing him out into the day, hungry, thirsty and sore from a rough, uncomfortable night. It was the sound of a Gun Turret – thick, heavy rounds blasting everything in sight. But more importantly, it was the sound of a Gun Turret on four wheels. That of a loud Diesel Engine – an armored vehicle on a mission! Somebody had to be driving it!

       Quickly, while all attention was taken from any noise his mad dash might create, he made his way closer to the action. Crouched and well-hidden, he snaked his way down a long series of abandoned vehicles, making his way into a coffee shop, huddling behind the counter, pistol ready in hand. Peeking carefully his heart breathed a welcomed sigh at the sight of a group of Military Uniforms pressing on, forcing the large hordes off and away, through buildings and down alleyways. An awesome force pelted them with bullets as they ran, falling, exploding, running, screaming, limbs flying, bodies on fire, their heads bursting, popping right off. Gripped in awe a load of relief screamed through him. This long awaited moment had finally come, yes! The Military was here. With so many Guido’s dashing this way and that, he waited for an opportunity to present itself before making a dash for it. Surely they would save him. Wouldn’t they?

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