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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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the only difference between a bully and a father is the title

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what you've done to me.
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soul mates

You are my eternal bully. You have to tear me down and beat me up in front of everyone!  Trust me this isn't fun! You threaten me when I actually attempt to stand up for myself. As if its possible to jus throw my insecurities on a shelf. Cant they see that you are killing me! No matter how much I try they dont notice my plee. You say you are doing whats best. But what u r doing is ripping apart my chest. Im drowning in my insecurities and guilt. And you have to display them for all. And no one notices my call. Every hurtful word and every harsh joke is just another blade in my mind. And it is the wounds that you can never find... that will be the most unkind. I have much to do and much to grow.  Although  I find I am just to low. I cant function the way u desire. So you decided to set me on fire. You tell me to stand up to bullies. You are the biggest of them all. Jus wait. The bigger they are the harder they fall. 1 comment

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