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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Eye Steal

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I am a lonely writer. I wear a mask and no one will ever see me. I write what others give me. I try to compose my own words, but I fail at every turn. Pile after pile of crumpled sheets of paper attest to my lack of creativity. It seems I can`t help it, I just gotta ...steal. I don`t mean to steal. I just want to borrow. I just want to be able to go to Mother and tell her, ``Look, mom, see what your boy has written.``

Sometimes I think I`m kinda like a klepto. These are my brothers. They don`t need to take what others have worked so hard to get, but we do it anyway. So what!!! Fuck them!!! I`m gonna grab me a piece of the fat world or die trying. The only problem is, what if I get on a roll? I`ll have to give my publisher more of ``my stuff``. What do I do then? Let`s see, I`ll have to think of something.

Say, that next piece of your`s looks kinda juicy! I could really get into that. Hey, what if they want my social insurance number or what if they want my pic for a writer`s bio? How am i going to get around all that? There`s gotta be a way. What if my supply of writing runs out? How will I explain a sudden change in style? I always have to be at least a hundred miles away when they finally catch on. I remember when I was younger, I used to lift stuff from the mall. Those dummies, they could never catch on. By the way, howz your I.Q?

Some of the stuff I been going over lately is pretty good shit. I have an independent publisher who is always on my case to get him some fresh new ideas. He claims to have a fast track to a buyer. This guy buys ideas for commercials and also for feature length flicks. Let`s face it nobody has the monopoly on ideas, right? People do it all the time, right?

You hear a catchy phrase and you claim it as your own, ya know whut I`m saying, homie? You wouldn`t believe the coin that can be made by lifting stuff like that. And no one is the wiser. Get it? I`ll just end on this note. My eye is quick, and I will steal you blind if you let me. Hey,`s just the kind of guy I izz. Hey...write me sometime.

Since no seems to be interested in collaborating, I now bring this piece to a conclusion. If there are any thieves out there ,I give you this warning! Whatever you do in this life, whether it be to do it on your own or with someone else`s material; you will eventually have to look at yourself in the mirror. You will eventually come to the place in your life when you will learn exactly the true meaning of,``What goes around eventually comes around.``

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